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Dhaka Attack
Dhaka Attack First Look Poster.jpg
First Look Poster
Directed by Dipankar Dipon
Produced byKaiser Ahammed & Sunny Sanwar
Written by
  • Sunny Sanwar
  • Asad Zaman
  • Shajahan Shourov
  • Hasnat Matin
Music by
  • Gopi Bhagat
  • Arichit Patel
  • Shouvik Bosu
  • Khayer Khandakar
  • Naim Fuad
Edited byMohammad Kalam
Three Wheelers Ltd
Splash Multimedia
Bangladesh Police Poribar Kolyan Somiti
Distributed by Tiger Media Limited
The Abhi Kathachitra
Release date
6 October 2017(Bangladesh)

20 Oct 2017 (USA) [1]

27 October 2017(worldwide)
Running time
147 Minutes

Dhaka Attack (Bengali : ঢাকা অ্যাটাক) is a Bangladeshi action thriller film produced by Dhaka Police Paribar Kallayan Samity Ltd., Three Wheelers Ltd. and Splash Multimedia. [2] It features Taskeen Rahman, Arifin Shuvo, Mahiya Mahi and ABM Sumon in lead roles. It was directed by Dipankar Sengupta and written by Sunny Sanwar. The film was distributed by The Abhi Kathachitra and Swapna Scarecrow. [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]



The story centers on the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Elite Forces' fierce operation against a terrorist organization, the attack is part of a plot by few foreign intelligence agencies to destabilize the country, in order to destroy the country's defense layers. [8] The film stars Arifin Shuvo as the Assistant Commissioner of DMP, and the in-charge of Bomb Disposal Unit. Sumon played the role of a commander of SWAT Force. The film also features Afzal Hossain as the DMP Commissioner, Shatabdi Wadud as Intelligence officer, and Mahiya Mahi as a news reporter. [9] [10]



The filming officially began on 29 December 2015 at Pan Pacific Sonargaon. The film was first announced by Three Wheelers Films during early 2015, The film was to be directed by Dipankar Sengupta and Arifin Shuvo and Mahiya Mahi were signed as the lead actors. Riaz Uddin Ahamed Siddique was confirmed to join the cast in September 2015, but later opted out and replaced by ABM Sumon. [11] The movie was shot in Dhaka, Chittagong, Bandarban and Mumbai. The first poster of the film released on 6 October 2017.

Costume design

The film's costumes were designed by Nazmee Jannat and Sunny Sanwar. Nazmee said in an interview that whole team preferred "a very 'real' look", similar to that of Bangladesh Police, and wore relevant dresses those go with different critical situation throughout the movie. [12]


Dhaka Attack
Soundtrack album by
Genre Soundtrack
Label Tiger Media Limited

The soundtrack of Dhaka Attack was composed by Adit, DJ Rahat, Dabbu, Autumnal Moon and Arindom. [8] Indian singer Arijit Singh made his Bangladeshi debut, who has previously sung for India-Bangladesh co-productions. [13]

Track listing

1."Tikatulir" (Composed by Shahin Kamal)Motin Chowdhury and Mamun AkandDJ Rahat & Meer MasumMotin Chowdhury04:31
2."Tup Tap" Anindya Chatterjee Arindom Arijit Singh and Somlata Acharya Chowdhury 04:09
3."Poth Je Daake"Asif IqbalAditAdit03:45
4."Dhaka Attack (Title track)"  Satrujit Dasgupta02:31
5."Anondopur" Autumnal Moon Autumnal Moon Autumnal Moon 01:47


The film was released in three languages: Bengali, Malay, and English. [14] The film was released on 6 October 2017 in Bangladesh, with worldwide release due on 20 October. [15] [16]

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