Did a Good Man Die?

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Did a Good Man Die? (Da li je umro dobar čovjek?) is a Croatian film directed by Fadil Hadžić and starring Boris Dvornik. It was released in 1962.

Croatian language South Slavic language

Croatian is the standardized variety of the Serbo-Croatian language used by Croats, principally in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Serbian province of Vojvodina and other neighboring countries. It is the official and literary standard of Croatia and one of the official languages of the European Union. Croatian is also one of the official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina and a recognized minority language in Serbia and neighboring countries.

Fadil Hadžić Croatian film director and playwright

Fadil Hadžić was a Bosnian-Croatian film director, screenwriter, playwright and journalist, mainly known for his comedy films and plays. He was of Bosnian origin, but mainly lived and worked in Croatia, and was well known in the former Yugoslavia.

Boris Dvornik Croatian actor

Boris Dvornik was a Croatian actor.



Petar (Mile Gatara) is a pensioner who collects debts on behalf of a bank. In the course of his work, he accidentally brings together two young people, Miki (Boris Dvornik) and Maja (Ana Pavić). Petar chooses Miki for his associate, not knowing Miki is a debtor himself. [1]


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