Doctor Crippen Lives

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Doctor Crippen Lives
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Theatrical film poster
German Dr. Crippen lebt
Directed by Erich Engels
Written byErich Engels
Wolf Neumeister  [ de ]
Produced by
Cinematography Albert Benitz
Edited by Alice Ludwig
Music by Siegfried Franz
Distributed byEuropa-Filmverleih
Release date
  • 20 February 1958 (1958-02-20)
Running time
88 minutes
CountryWest Germany

Doctor Crippen Lives (German : Dr. Crippen lebt) is a 1958 West German crime film directed by Erich Engels and starring Elisabeth Müller, Peter van Eyck and Fritz Tillmann. [1] It was made at the Wandsbek Studios of Real Film in Hamburg. The film's sets were designed by the art director Dieter Bartels.


The most successful film of director Erich Engels was Doctor Crippen (1942), a film about Hawley Harvey Crippen. The 1958 film Doctor Crippen Lives has no relation to the 1942 film or to the case of Hawley Harvey Crippen.


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