Dog Bite Dog

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Dog Bite Dog
Dog Bite Dog FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Soi Cheang
Written by Szeto Kam-Yuen
Matt Chow
Melvin Li
Produced bySam Leong
Shin Yoneyama
Starring Edison Chen
Sam Lee
Cheung Siu-fai
Wayne Lai
Lam Suet
CinematographyEdmund Fung
Edited byAngie Lam
Music byBen Cheung
Chung Chi-wing
Art Port
Same Way Production
Release date
  • 17 August 2006 (2006-08-17)
CountryHong Kong
Languages Cantonese

Dog Bite Dog (Chinese :狗咬狗) is a 2006 Hong Kong action crime thriller film directed by Soi Cheang and starring Edison Chen as a brutal Cambodian assassin, desperately trying to evade the police, led by Sam Lee, after completing an assignment in Hong Kong. The film was released in Hong Kong cinemas on 17 August 2006.



A young Cambodian man who has been trained to fight for money in his country is hired to kill someone in Hong Kong. He performs the hit and then flees from Hong Kong police, who are wrestling with internal problems of a model cop and his son, who is also on the force and who was told by his dad not to become a police officer. The father goes into a coma after being shot, and internal affairs suspects him of dealing drugs on the side.

The assassin then befriends a young girl who is raped and abused by her father. They both plan to get back on a ship to Cambodia but have to get past Hong Kong police, who do everything they can to catch him.


G4s Asian Underground named Dog Bite Dog a bitter sweet action drama that touched on many emotional levels, but it is not for everyone.


The film played later that year at the Tokyo International Film Festival. In 2007, the film played at the Deauville Asian Film Festival, the Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival, the New York Asian Film Festival, the Fantasy Film Fest (Germany) and the Fantasia Festival in Montreal.


North American rights to the film were purchased by The Weinstein Company for its Dragon Dynasty DVD line, which released the film on DVD on 23 October 2007. [1] [2]

Awards and nominations

Awards and nominations
26th Hong Kong Film Awards Best New Performer Pei PeiNominated
43rd Golden Horse Awards Best Actor Sam Lee Nominated
1st Asian Film Awards Best Film EditingAngie LamNominated
8th Deauville Asian Film Festival Lotus Action Asia Soi Cheang Won
9th Golden Trailer Awards Best Foreign Action TrailerDog Bite DogNominated
19th Tokyo International Film Festival Tokyo Grand PrixSoi CheangNominated

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