Donald Tandy

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Donald Tandy
Donald Eric Tandy

20 December 1918
London, England
Died9 May 2014 (aged 95)
Years active1948–1991
SpouseDiana Buckland (1947-2014; his death)

Donald Eric Tandy (20 December 1918 – 9 May 2014) [1] was an English actor who appeared in over a dozen films (usually in minor or uncredited roles) and several dozens of televisions shows during his career. He played potman Tom Clements in EastEnders from 1986 through 1988. [2]



Tandy started his career in 1950 in the low-budget film Chance of a Lifetime . [3]

He appeared in many television programmes including Man from Interpol , You Can't Win , The Avengers , The Saint , Danger Man , Sergeant Cork , Sherlock Holmes , The Troubleshooters , and Colditz . [4]

Starting in 1986, he appeared in EastEnders as the Queen Vic potman, Tom Clements. His last appearance was in 1988.

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