Donald Welsh

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Donald Welsh
Donald Emory Welsh

October 6, 1943
DiedFebruary 6, 2010(2010-02-06) (aged 66)
Alma mater Cleveland-Marshall College of Law
Columbia College
Occupationpublisher, editor
Employer Fortune

Rolling Stone

Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel

Donald Emory Welsh (October 6, 1943 February 6, 2010) was a magazine publisher and editor. [1]


Early life

Welsh was born in Youngstown, Ohio. [1] His parents were Clevelle and Edward Welsh. [1]

Welsh studied at Columbia College. [2] While there, he was a member of St. Anthony Hall. [2] He then attended the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. [1]


After being admitted to the Ohio bar, he worked for the Cleveland Trust Company. [1] He soon moved on to the magazine business, starting at Fortune in the advertising department. [1] From there, he moved to Rolling Stone , rising to the position of associate publisher. [1] He went on to be the founding editor of Outside . [2]

Welsh left Outside to run the magazine division of another business group, where he focused largely on children's magazines. [1] He created more than twenty magazines, based on well-known franchises such as Looney Tunes, Mickey Mouse, the Mighty Morphine Power Rangers, the Muppets. [2] [1] [3] [4] He bought the division in 1987, and named it Welsh Publishing Group. [1] He sold Welsh Publishing Group to Marvel Comics in October 1994, but agreed to stay on with the company. [3]

In 1998, He co-founded Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel with Arthur Frommer. [2] [1] it sold some 70,000 copies of each issue in newsstand headed toward a circulation of 400,000 by the end of 1999, but struggled to expand its presence. [5] It was sold to Newsweek in 1999. [5] In 2002, he created Budget Living magazine to critical acclaim, but not commercial success. [2] However, it won the general excellence award from the American Society of Magazine Editors. [1]

He also created the magazine ForbesLife MountainTime with Forbes. [1]

Personal life

In 1996, Welsh married Bourne Floyd. [1] They lived in Boston Corner, New York. [2] They had a daughter named Leah. [1]

Welsh died of drowning, in an accident in Tortola, the British Virgin Islands at the age of 66. [1] [2]

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