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Background information
Birth nameGiampiero Anelli
Born (1947-08-10) 10 August 1947 (age 75)
Pavia, Italy
OriginPavia, Italy
Genres Rock and roll
Years active1967–present
Website www.drupi.it

Giampiero Anelli (born 10 August 1947), best known as Drupi, is an Italian rock singer, best known for the songs "Vado via", "Piccola e fragile", "Sereno è" and "Due".



Born in Pavia, Drupi, a former plumber whose hobby was fishing, started his career as lead singer of the band Le Calamite ("The Magnets"). [1] Having been noticed by songwriters Luigi Albertelli and Enrico Riccardi, he entered the 1973 Sanremo Music Festival competition with the song "Vado via". The song ended in last place but achieved significant international success and launched his solo career. [1] "Vado via", recorded on A & M Records, reached number 17 in the UK chart in January 1974 (remaining one of the very few songs not sung in English to enter the UK charts). National popularity arrived in the same year with the song "Piccola e fragile", which topped the Italian hit parade. [2]

Drupi has lived in Austria since 2010. A singer from a rhythm and blues background, his popularity remains linked to several pop and soft rock hits. [3] In 1975 he won the Festivalbar with the song "Due". [3] He has returned several times to the Sanremo Music Festival, achieving third place in 1982 with the song "Soli". [1]

His stage name is a reference to the Tex Avery character Droopy. [1]


Selected singles

Studio albums

Drupi in 1975 Drupi 1975.jpg
Drupi in 1975

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