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Dundertåget in 2010
Background information
Also known asThunder Express
Origin Stockholm, Sweden
Genres Rock, garage rock, hard rock, blues rock, power pop
Years active2004 – 2011
Labels Razzia Records
Associated acts The Hellacopters, Death Breath, The Soundtrack of Our Lives, Stefan Sundström, Hello Saferide, Nationalteatern, Diamond Dogs, I Are Droid
Website Dundertåget.se
Past members Robert Dahlqvist
Robert Pehrsson
Jens Lagergren
Jesper Karlsson

Dundertåget, originally known as Thunder Express, was a Swedish rock band formed in 2004 by Robert Dahlqvist. They released a total of four albums before disbanding in 2011.



The band was formed by Dahlqvist in 2004 as a side project to highlight his lead guitar and lead vocal skills, and for performing when his full-time band The Hellacopters were on break. [1] The band was originally named Thunder Express, after a song by MC5. [2] They were influenced by that band plus The Rolling Stones, Cheap Trick, The Faces, and ZZ Top. [3] The band also included guitarist Robert Pehrsson, bassist Jens Lagergren, and drummer Jesper Karlsson. [2]

Originally performing in English, Thunder Express released the albums We Play for Pleasure in 2004 [4] and Republic Disgrace in 2007. [5] In 2008 they decided to switch to their native Swedish for titles and lyrics, and changed their name to Dundertåget (a rough translation of "Thunder Express"). [1]

Under their new name they released the album Skaffa ny Frisyr in 2009, [6] which earned the band a Grammis nomination for Best Rock Act of the Year. [7] Their fourth overall album Dom Feta Åren är Förbi was released in 2010, featuring a guest appearance by singer Nina Ramsby. [8] Dundertåget disbanded in 2011, with Dahlqvist and Pehrsson moving to other projects associated with The Hellacopters. Dahlqvist also released some solo material shortly before his death in 2017. [9]



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Robert Pehrsson is a Swedish guitarist, singer & song writer. He has worked for such diverse bands such as Runemagick, Thunder Express, Death Breath, Dundertåget, Imperial State Electric, Slingblade and also Dagger. Robert Pehrsson started his career as a guitarist/vocalist around 88–89, then concentrating mainly on playing extreme music like thrash and early death metal, but soon branched out in different musical genres but mainly focusing on rock music.

The following is a summary of notable events and releases of the year 2010 in Swedish music.

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