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Bungle Shama Rao Dwarakanath [1]

(1942-08-19) 19 August 1942 (age 80) [2]
Occupation(s)Actor, director, producer, screenwriter
Years active1963–present

Bungle Shama Rao Dwarakanath (born 19 August 1942), better known as Dwarakish ( /ˈdwɑːrkɪʃ/ DWAR-kish), [3] is an Indian actor, director and producer in the Kannada film industry. He was given the name Dwarakish by Kannada film maker C. V. Shivashankar.[ citation needed ]


Early life

Dwarakish was born on 19 August 1942. He grew up in Ittigegud, Mysore. He received his primary education in Sharada Vilas and Banumaiah's school, and he graduated from CPC Polytechnic with a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. [4] After completing his education, Dwarakish and his brother started an automotive spare-parts business called "Bharath Auto Spares" in Gandhi Square, Mysore. [4] He was strongly attracted to acting and often asked his maternal uncle, a famous cinema director Hunusur Krishnamurthy, to give him a chance to act in movies. In 1963, he decided to quit business and start acting in movies. [4]

Film career

In 1966, Dwarakish co-produced the movie Mamatheya Bandhana with 2 others under the banner of Thunga Pictures. [2] In 1969, his first independent production Mayor Muthanna starring Dr.Rajkumar and Bharathi in the lead roles was a box office success. [5] After Mayor Muthanna, Dwarakish gave a series of box office successes to Kannada cinema, one after the other for the next two decades. [6]


From the year 1985, Dwarakish started directing movies; his first movie as a director was Nee Bareda Kadambari . He went on to direct movies for other producers. Behind the camera, Dwarakish was successful. [2] As a director, he created movies such as Dance Raja Dance , Nee Bareda Kadambari , Shruthi, Shruthi Haakidha Hejje, Rayaru Bandaru Mavana Manege and Kilaadigalu[ citation needed ]

Dwarakish Chitra faced problems after the failure of some movies. With huge losses from box office failures, Dwarakish was written off by his own colleagues and the entire film industry. Despite failures, Dwarakish did not despair. He continued to make movies introducing new faces to Kannada cinema. [2]

As a producer, he has brought many new people to the cinema. Not only actors and actresses—he has given opportunities to new directors and other technicians. They all consider him to be their "Godfather". The support of these people, and his unwavering dedication to cinema, gave Dwarakish his long-awaited moment of success. Dwarakish produced Apthamitra in the year 2004. Apthamitra was a magnificent success. [5]


He was the first Kannada producer to bring Kishore Kumar to the Kannada film Industry, and the song Aadu Aata Aadu became extremely popular. [2]

Records and awards

Produced First Kannada movie to be shot outside India. Apthamitra created records in Kannada Cinema. It was the first Kannada movie to celebrate screening for one year in two theatres, at Santosh in Bangalore and at Ranajith in Mysore and was the first Kannada movie to successfully complete one year of screening with four shows daily. [2]

He had received NTR Award [7]


As director and producer

YearFilmCredited asLanguageNotes
1966 Mamatheya Bandhana Red x.svgGreen check.svg Kannada
1969 Mayor Muthanna Red x.svgGreen check.svg Kannada
1972 Kulla Agent 000 Red x.svgGreen check.svg Kannada Based on Danish movie Operation Love Birds (Slå først, Frede!)/(Strike First Freddy
1973Cowboy KullaRed x.svgGreen check.svg Kannada
1977 Bhagyavantharu Red x.svgGreen check.svg Kannada Remake - Dheerga Sumangali - Tamil
1977 Kittu Puttu Red x.svgGreen check.svg Kannada Remake - Anubavi Raja Anubavi - Tamil
1978 Singaporenalli Raja Kulla Red x.svgGreen check.svg Kannada
1979 Preethi Madu Thamashe Nodu Red x.svgGreen check.svg Kannada Remake - Kadhalikka Neramillai - Tamil
1980 Kulla Kulli Red x.svgGreen check.svg Kannada
1980 Manku Thimma Red x.svgGreen check.svg Kannada Remake - Mastana - Hindi
1981 Guru Shishyaru Red x.svgGreen check.svg Kannada Remake - Paramanandayya Sishyula Katha - Telugu
1981 Mane Mane Kathe Red x.svgGreen check.svg Kannada Remake - Ramayanamlo Pidakala Veta - Telugu
1982 Pedda Gedda Red x.svgGreen check.svg Kannada
1982AdrushtavanthaRed x.svgGreen check.svg Kannada Remake - Evariki Vaare Yamuna Theere - Telugu
1982 Nyaya Ellide Red x.svgGreen check.svg Kannada Remake - Sattam Oru Iruttarai - Tamil
1983Gedda MagaRed x.svgGreen check.svg Kannada Remake - Moondru Mugam - Tamil
1983 Ananda Bhairavi Red x.svgGreen check.svg Kannada
1983 Adutha Varisu Red x.svgGreen check.svg Tamil Remake - Raja Jani - Hindi
1984 Prachanda Kulla Red x.svgGreen check.svg Kannada
1984Police PapannaRed x.svgGreen check.svg Kannada Remake - Police Papanna - Telugu
1984 Indina Ramayana Red x.svgGreen check.svg Kannada Remake - Oorukku Upadesam - Tamil
1984 Gangvaa Red x.svgGreen check.svg Hindi Remake - Malaiyoor Mambattiyan - Tamil
1985 Nee Bareda Kadambari Green check.svgGreen check.svg Kannada Remake - Pyaar Jhukta Nahin - Hindi
1985 Nee Thanda Kanike Green check.svgGreen check.svg Kannada Remake - Sharaabi - Hindi
1985 Madhuve Madu Tamashe Nodu Red x.svgGreen check.svg Kannada Remake - Dowry Kalyanam - Tamil
1985Brahma GantuRed x.svgGreen check.svg Kannada Remake - Gopurangal Saivathillai - Tamil
1986 Naan Adimai Illai Green check.svgGreen check.svg Tamil Remake - Pyaar Jhukta Nahin - Hindi
1986 Africadalli Sheela Green check.svgGreen check.svg Kannada
1986 Kizhakku Africavil Sheela Green check.svgGreen check.svgTamilRemake - Africadalli Sheela
1987SheelaRed x.svgGreen check.svgHindiRemake - Africadalli Sheela
1987 Dance Raja Dance Green check.svgGreen check.svg Kannada
1987Onde Goodina HakkigaluRed x.svgGreen check.svg Kannada Remake - Samsaram Adhu Minsaram - Tamil
1987Ravana RajyaRed x.svgGreen check.svg Kannada Remake - Ankush - Hindi
1988Ganda Mane MakkaluRed x.svgGreen check.svg Kannada Remake - Veedu Manaivi Makkal - Tamil
1989 Jai Karnataka Green check.svgGreen check.svg Kannada Remake - Mr. India - Hindi
1989 Krishna Nee Kunidaga Green check.svgGreen check.svg Kannada
1990 Shruthi Green check.svgGreen check.svg Kannada Remake - Pudhu Vasantham - Tamil
1991Gowri KalyanaGreen check.svgGreen check.svg Kannada Remake - Thooral Ninnu Pochu - Tamil
1992Hosa Kalla Hale KullaGreen check.svgGreen check.svg Kannada
1993 Rayaru Bandaru Mavana Manege Green check.svgRed x.svg Kannada Remake - Chithram -Malayalam
1994 Rasika Green check.svgRed x.svg Kannada Remake - Senthamizh Paattu - Tamil
1994 Kiladigalu Green check.svgRed x.svg Kannada
1995KidnapGreen check.svgGreen check.svg Kannada
1995Giddu DadaGreen check.svgRed x.svg Kannada Based on Victoria No. 203
1996Hrudaya KallaruGreen check.svgGreen check.svg Kannada
1997Shruthi Hakida HejjeGreen check.svgRed x.svg Kannada
2001MajanuGreen check.svgGreen check.svg Kannada Remake - Love Today - Tamil
2004 Apthamitra Red x.svgGreen check.svg Kannada Remake - Manichitrathazhu - Malayalam
2011 Vishnuvardhana Red x.svgGreen check.svg Kannada Reported to be based on Handphone [8]
Remade in Bengali as Bachchan
2012 Chaarulatha Red x.svgGreen check.svg Kannada, Tamil Remake - Thai horror film - Alone
2015 Aatagara Red x.svgGreen check.svg Kannada Based on Agatha Christie's mystery novel And Then There Were None
2017 Chowka Red x.svgGreen check.svg Kannada Nominated for the Filmfare Award for Best Film – Kannada at the 65th Filmfare Awards South
2018 Amma I Love You Red x.svgGreen check.svg Kannada Remake - Tamil - Pichaikkaran
2019 Aayushmanbhava Red x.svgGreen check.svg Kannada

As actor

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