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E24 Næringsliv, formerly N24, is a Norwegian, online business newspaper launched on 18 April 2006.

During the first three years of operation, the newspaper was owned 60% by Aftenposten and 40% by Verdens Gang (VG), both fully owned by public media company Schibsted. [1] Verdens Gang (VG) owns 100% of E24 Næringsliv.

In the course of the first week of operations it became the largest business web site in Norway. In week 46, 2008, it had 575,000 unique users per week.

In 2013 E24 Næringsliv merged with monthly business magazine Dine Penger . [2]

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E24 Näringsliv is a Swedish online business newspaper based in Stockholm, Sweden. It was previously named Näringsliv24, but changed to E24 in 2006. It started as N24 on 4 October 2005, and is owned by Svenska Dagbladet (60%) and Aftonbladet (40%). The current editor-in-chief is Per Lundsjö.

Verdens Gang is a former Norwegian newspaper, issued in Oslo from 1868 to 1923.

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Asbjørn Engen was a Norwegian newspaper editor and organizational leader.

Ivar Hippe is a Norwegian political consultant, former journalist and presenter. He received national media attention in 1982 when he was expelled from Argentina by the government. On his return to Norway he began working for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK). In 1999 he became editor-in-chief of the Norwegian financial journal Økonomisk Rapport.

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