Ebba Busch Thor

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Ebba Busch Thor
Ebba Busch Thor in September 2015
Leader of the Christian Democrats
Assumed office
25 April 2015
Party secretary Acko Ankarberg Johansson
Peter Kullgren
Preceded by Göran Hägglund
Member of the Riksdag
Assumed office
23 September 2018
Constituency Västra Götaland County East
Personal details
Ebba Elisabeth Busch-Christensen

(1987-02-11) 11 February 1987 (age 32)
Gamla Uppsala, Sweden
Political party Christian Democrats
Spouse(s) Niklas Thor (m. 2013)
Alma mater Uppsala University
Ebba Busch Thor speaking at Sergels Torg in Stockholm the day before the Swedish election in 2018 Ebba Busch Thor in 2018.jpg
Ebba Busch Thor speaking at Sergels Torg in Stockholm the day before the Swedish election in 2018

Ebba-Elisabeth Busch [1] (née Ebba-Elisabeth Busch-Christensen; born 11 February 1987), since her marriage to Niklas Busch Thor in 2014 commonly known as Ebba Busch Thor, is a Swedish Christian Democrats politician who has served as Leader of the Christian Democrats since April 2015. She is a candidate in the 2018 Riksdag (Parliament) election, for Uppsala County and almost all other constituencies. [2]

Niklas Birger Thor is a Swedish footballer. He is commonly known as Niklas Thor or, since his marriage to Ebba Busch in 2014, Niklas Busch Thor.

Christian Democrats (Sweden) political party in Sweden

The Christian Democrats is a Christian-democratic political party in Sweden. The party was founded in 1964. It first entered parliament in 1985, through electoral cooperation with the Centre Party, and in 1991 broke through to win seats by itself. The party leader since 25 April 2015 has been Ebba Busch Thor. She succeeded Göran Hägglund, who had been leader since 2004. The four most important issues for the party are:

Uppsala County County (län) of Sweden

Uppsala County is a county or län on the eastern coast of Sweden, whose capital is the city of Uppsala. It borders the counties of Dalarna, Stockholm, Södermanland, Västmanland, Gävleborg, and the Baltic Sea.


Early life and education

Born to a Swedish mother and Norwegian father, Busch Thor identifies as both Norwegian and Swedish. [3] Growing up in Gunsta, near Uppsala, she was a student at the Christian Livets Ord primary school. She later studied the IB Diploma Programme at Katedralskolan in Uppsala, and peace and conflict studies at Uppsala University. [4]

Norwegians are a North Germanic ethnic group native to Norway. They share a common culture and speak the Norwegian language. Norwegian people and their descendants are found in migrant communities worldwide, notably in the United States, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and South Africa.

Gunsta Place in Uppland, Sweden

Gunsta is a locality situated in Uppsala Municipality, Uppsala County, Sweden with 380 inhabitants in 2010.

Livets Ord Word of Faith congregation in Uppsala, Sweden

Livets Ord, literally Word of Life, is a megachurch in Uppsala, within the Swedish Word of Faith movement. Livets Ord is the foremost example of the Neo-charismatic movement in Sweden, closely related to Word of Faith, and it may be viewed as a Swedish expression similar to Pentecostal elements in American Christianity.

She is a member of the Church of Sweden. [5]

Political career

Busch Thor was the municipal party political secretary for the Christian Democrats councillor Gustaf von Essen in the Uppsala Municipality. In 2009 she assumed responsibility for the budget when Essen went on sick leave, and at the age of 22 she became a substitute municipal councillor. [6] Ahead of the election for municipal councillors in Uppsala in 2010, the party suggested that Busch Thor should be placed third on the election ballot, while the incumbent councillor Gustav von Essen would be first. [7] The party youth organization chairman Charlie Weimers, who did not get to vote in the election, wrote that he thought the party should have Busch Thor at the top of the ballot. [8]

In the end, a closed vote within the party decided the top name on the ballot, and Busch Thor beat Essen by a margin of two votes. [9] [10] At the election, Busch Thor received 1,679 votes, against only 220 for Essen. [11] Busch Thor served as vice chairman of the Christian Democrat youth organisation until 5 June 2011.

Busch Thor made several comments to the media during 2010 criticizing the then party chairman Göran Hägglund, and what she perceived as his weak leadership following the 2006 General Election. Ahead of the January 2012 leadership election within the party, she supported Hägglund's opponent Mats Odell. [12] She was also herself a candidate for the post of deputy party chairman at the same election, but lost to Maria Larsson. [12] Previous top names in the party have stated that they strongly disagree with Busch making the party into a right wing party instead of a Christian party and have even threatened to leave their party as a result of Busch's nomination, while perhaps the most popular ex-leader of the party, Alf Svensson, has described his disappointment with Busch's worldview. [13]

Göran Hägglund Swedish politician

Bo Göran Hägglund is a Swedish politician of the Christian Democrats. He was Leader of the Christian Democrats from 2004 to 2015, Member of the Riksdag from 1991 to 2015, and served as Minister for Social Affairs from 2006 to 2014.

Mats Odell Swedish politician

Mats Christer Johannes Odell is a Swedish politician. He served as Minister for Communications from 1991 to 1994 and as Minister for Financial Markets from 2006 to 2010.

Maria Larsson Swedish politician

Ingrid Maria Larsson is Swedish politician of the Christian Democrats who has been Governor of Örebo County since May 2015, appointed by the cabinet of Stefan Löfven. She previously served as Minister for Children and the Elderly from 2010 to 2014 and as Minister for the Elderly and Public Health from 2006 to 2010. A member of the Christian Democrats, she was an MP of the Swedish Riksdag from 1998 to 2014.

Party Leader

In 2015, Busch Thor was announced as the suggested successor of Göran Hägglund as party leader of the Christian Democratic party, and was formally elected on 25 April. [14] Her time as leader was long characterized by an uncertainty on how to profile the party, and consistent low numbers in opinion polls. Her early attempts to gain votes by adopting tougher positions on immigration and law and order were thwarted when the Moderate Party usurped that space. This was followed by a return to a focus on more traditional Christian Democratic issues, such as healthcare and family politics. At the same time, Busch Thor continued to position the party in a more conservative direction on other issues like the opposition to Mosque prayer calls, gender science at preschools and calling for harsher penalities for so called honor killings. [15] [16] [17] At the same time, she also came under attack from social conservatives inside her own party for participating in the Stockholm Pride Parade. [18]

In a governmental system, a party leader acts as the official representative of their political party. The party leader is typically responsible for managing the party's relationship with the general public. As such, they will take a leading role in developing and communicating party policy, especially election platforms, to the electorate. They are also typically the public face of the respective party and the principal media contact.

The Christian Democrats received only 2,9% in a big opinion poll published in May 2018, and the party's fortunes looked bleak. But support quickly grew as the election campaign got under way with the first debate in mid-August. Busch Thor's strong performance in this and other debates was credited in large part for the party's surge in the polls. [19] [20] She ended up leading her party to its best electoral performance in 12 years, finishing well above the 4% threshold.

Personal life

In 2013, Ebba Busch married footballer Niklas Thor. [21] She has a son, Birger, born in May 2015 [22] and a daughter, Elise, born in February 2017. [23]

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Political offices
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Municipal Commissioner for Christian Democrats in Uppsala Municipality
2010 2015
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Jonas Segersam
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