Edmond Roudnitska

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Edmond Roudnitska
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Nice, France
Died1996 (age 90-91)
Cabris, France
OccupationPerfumer, writer, fragrance historian
Known forEau Sauvage and Diorissimo for Christian Dior Rochas Femme
Spouse(s)Thérèse Roudnitska
ChildrenMichel Roudnitska

Edmond Roudnitska (1905–1996) was a French master perfumer and author. He is known for creating perfumes such as Dior's Eau Sauvage and Diorissimo, and Rochas's Femme. Many of his creations are still in production. He was the father of perfumer Michel Roudnitska.


In 1926, he started his training in perfumery in Grasse. In 1942, he met Thérèse Delveaux, who became his wife. [1] In 1946, he founded Art et Parfum, a private lab for creating perfumes. [2]

Diorissimo, based on lily of the valley, was a notable achievement in the field of perfumery. Unlike rose or jasmine, the smell of lily of the valley cannot be extracted from essential oil of the flower. Roudnitska circumvented the problem by using aroma chemicals like hydroxycitronellal. [3] :142

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Eau Sauvage is a perfume for men that is produced by Parfums Christian Dior and was created by perfumer Edmond Roudnitska. The perfume was introduced in 1966, and it was Dior's first perfume for men.

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The Grand Musée du Parfum was a Paris perfumery museum that operated from December 22, 2016 to July 6, 2018. It was founded by entrepreneur Guillaume de Maussion and overseen by industry experts including Jean-Claude Ellena, then the in-house perfumer at Hermes; Mathilde Laurent, house perfumer at Cartier; and Sylvaine Delacourte, director of fragrance for Guerlain. The museum, developed over two years for $7 million, was located in the hôtel particulier at 73, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, once the residence of the Roederer champagne family and later the location of fashion house Christian Lacroix. Entry cost between 5 and 14.50 Euro. Exhibits included a recreation of the laboratory of French perfume house Houbigant, using items on loan from the Musée Carnavalet. It also had a "garden of scent" with white sculptures that each released different scents.


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