Edoardo Toniolo

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Edoardo Toniolo
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Born(1907-11-22)22 November 1907
Turin, Italy
Died31 December 1986(1986-12-31) (aged 79)
Rome, Italy
Other namesEdward Douglas

Edoardo Toniolo (22 November 1907 - 31 December 1986) was an Italian actor and voice actor.


Life and career

Born in Turin, the son of the stage actors Antonio and Rosa Rosaz, at young age Toniolo debuted on stage in supporting roles. [1] He later worked on radio, and in the mid-1930s he started appearing in films, usually in character roles. [1]

After the Second World War, and following his role as leading actor in Ferruccio Cerio's Posto di blocco, Toniolo also started working as a dubber, and since 1954 he was also pretty active in television dramas. [1] He was sometimes credited as Edward Douglas. [1]

Selected filmography

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