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EduLanka Online education
Industry Internet
Founded15 May 2007
Sri Lanka
Area served
Worldwide Specially Sri Lanka
Products Online education
Type of site
Online education
Available in Sinhala, Tamil, English
Current statusOnline
Available in Sinhala
URL එඩියුලංකා.ලංකා%20එඩියුලංකා.ලංකා
Current statusOnline
Available in Tamil
URL எடியுலங்கா.இலங்கை%20எடியுலங்கா.இலங்கை
Current statusOnline

EduLanka, also known as edulanka online education school or ඉස්කෝලේ is a Sri Lankan educational website. Sinhala Name is එඩියුලංකා and Tamil name is எடியுலங்கா. EduLanka provides its services free of charge. The test site was built in 2006 and officially launched as edulanka services in May 2007. In 2010, a large update was done for edulanka, after which there was an increase in the number of registrations from local school students, university students, teachers, postgraduate students and others. [1] with online education. Ordinary Level Mathematics, [2] Advanced Level Science and Mathematics, [3] SLAS Exam Help [4] and Government Job Information [5] are the most popular areas among students.



eduLanka online education concept was built as a small education web sub-domain of another small website in 2006. [6] Then officially launched edulanka services and eduLanka main web site in May 2007 [7] with hundreds of education lessons. More than 90% of users access this service from Sri Lanka, therefore the global domain name was changed to (CCTLD) with a new web interface and new education functions. Then edulanka becomes most popular [8] online education web site in Sri Lanka. Alexa rank – 100,645 as at 2012-09-12. After 2010 number of daily visitors increased to .7 million pages views per month. In 2011 Sinhala and Tamil IDN domain names attached to edulanka. Currently, edulanka provides Multi-lingual education resources to the world specially for Sri Lanka. Site popularity can be measured from increase of Alexa traffic rank, Facebook social plugin status, number of user shares and Google Search traffic ranks.


eduLanka provides G.C.E Advanced Level lessons, G.C.E. Ordinary Level lessons, Information Technology lessons, English education lessons, local University Related lessons, Postgraduate Education Related resources, Research and Development lessons and another lessons for local education related community. In addition to providing lessons edlulanka provides latest Government Job alert and job information, Government examination help information and model papers, Examination Results and notification, Digital library Facilities, Teacher founding service, Tuition class information of Sri Lanka, Government School Information of Sri Lanka, CV Formats and CV samples, Past papers and online school Syllabus finding services. education lessons and information provided by professional teachers [9] and education related parties. edulanka continuously provided all these services with Free of charge.


Local IDN Domains

LK domain registry opens IDN name registration facility into Sri Lanka in 2010 and then edulanka launched first [10] Sinhala and Tamil IDN domain names related to education in Sri Lanka. Sinhala IDN domain can be accessible in එඩියුලංකා.ලංකා URL and Tamil IDN domain accessible in எடியுலங்கா.இலங்கை URL. eduLanka provides IDN domains in Sri Lanka.

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