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Edward Christian Mowinckel-Larsen (13 June 1895 – 7 August 1985) was a Norwegian engineer, civil servant and secretary-general of Norges Varemesse.


Personal life

He was born in Bergen as a son of broker Wilhelm Emil Larsen (1857–1916) and Jørga Mowinckel (1861–1930). [1] On the maternal side he was a nephew of Johan Ernst Mowinckel, Johanne Vogt and Agnes Mowinckel, [2] and a first cousin of Johan Ernst's son Thorolf Beyer Mowinckel.

In 1939 he married Gerda Gundersen from Langesund. [1] His sister Signe married architect Arno Berg. [3]


He enrolled in middle school at Bergen Cathedral School in 1907. Among others he was in the same class as activist Joakim Lehmkuhl and the conductor Johan Ludwig Mowinckel, Jr. [4] After middle school he enrolled in Bergen Technical School whence he graduated in ship engineering in 1916. He worked as such until 1927, when he was hired as a secretary in Norges Varemesse. After stints as head of provisioning in Aker Municipality from 1939 to 1941 and 1945 to 1947, he was the secretary-general of Norges Varemesse from 1947 to 1968. [1] During the occupation of Norway by Nazi Germany he was arrested, and briefly imprisoned in Møllergata 19 from May to June 1941. [5]

He was also secretary-general of Norsk Fiskerimesse from 1960 to 1965 and in 1969, and headed several Norwegian delegations to foreign expos. [1]

He was decorated as a Knight, First Class of the Order of St. Olav (1968) and the Order of the Lion of Finland, Commander of the Order of Vasa, and a Knight of the Order of the Dannebrog and the Order of Leopold, and received the Order of Merit of Austria. [1] He died in August 1985. [6]

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