Elina Labourdette

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Elina Labourdette
Elina Labourdette 13 novembre 1945 la Presse.jpg
Born21 May 1919
Died30 September 2014 (aged 95)
Other namesElina Janine Alice Henri-Labourdette
Years active1938–2011 (film)

Elina Labourdette (1919–2014) was a French film actress. [1] [2]



1938 Prison sans barreaux Uncredited
1938 The Shanghai Drama Vera Blonski
1941 The Pavilion Burns Denise
1943Des jeunes filles dans la nuitGermaine
1945 Les Dames du Bois de Boulogne Agnès
1947Les trafiquants de la merHélène
1950Les aventuriers de l'airGisèle Lesieur
1950 The Glass Castle Marion
1951 Edward and Caroline Florence Borch de Martelie
1951 Monsieur Fabre La comtesse de La Porte
1951Tapage nocturneCaroline, la secrétaire
1952 The Case Against X Catherine Villard
1952 My Husband Is Marvelous Micheline
1953La vierge du RhinGeneviève Labbé
1955 To Paris with Love Sylvia Gilbert
1955 Papa, maman, ma femme et moi Marguerite, la fleuriste
1956 It Happened in Aden Simone
1956 Elena and Her Men Paulette Escoffier
1957La nuit des suspectesGaby Farnoux
1957 The Truth About Women Comtesse
1961 Lola Madame Desnoyers
1961Vacances en enferMme Martel
1962 Tales of Paris Jacqueline(segment "Sophie")
1962Snobs!Mme de Saint-Aigne
1962 Five Miles to Midnight Mme. Lafont
1962 Le glaive et la balance Simone Darbon
1968Au pan coupéLa patronne du bar Au Pan Coupé
1968 The Young Wolves Madame Sinclair
1970Le clair de terreLa femme guide

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The following lists events that happened during 1898 in the Congo Free State.

Florian Haut-Labourdette is a French rally co-driver. He is the co-driver of the French rally driver Pierre-Louis Loubet, racing for Hyundai 2C Competition in the World Rally Championship.


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