Elizabeth Clementine Stedman

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Elizabeth Clementine Dodge Stedman
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BornElizabeth Clementine Dodge
(1810-12-10)December 10, 1810
New York City
DiedNovember 19, 1889(1889-11-19) (aged 78)
Summit, New Jersey
Nationality American
Children4, including Edmund Clarence Stedman
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Elizabeth Clementine Dodge Stedman (1810–1889) was an American writer. She was the author of Felicita, a Metrical Romance (1855), Poems (1867), and Bianca Cappello, A Tragedy (1873).



She was born Elizabeth Clementine Dodge in New York City on December 10, 1810. [1] Her father was David Low Dodge, who helped establish the New York Peace Society. Her mother was Sarah Cleveland, the daughter of minister Aaron Cleveland. [2] Her brother was William E. Dodge, noted abolitionist, Native American rights activist, past president of the National Temperance Society, and founding member of YMCA of the USA.

Elizabeth was a contributor to the Knickerbocker and to Blackwood's . During a 14-year stay in Europe she was a friend of Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Browning. She published Felicita, a Metrical Romance (1855), Poems (1867), and Bianco Capello, A Tragedy (1873), written during her time abroad in Italy. [3]

Personal life

Elizabeth Clementine Kinney (1852) Elizabeth Clementine Kinney (1852).png
Elizabeth Clementine Kinney (1852)

She married Edmund Burke Stedman, a merchant from Hartford, Connecticut, in 1830 at age 19. [3] [4] He died of tuberculosis in December 1835. [5] They had two sons, the eldest was the poet and critic Edmund Clarence Stedman.

In 1841, she married the U.S. diplomat and politician, William Burnet Kinney. [6] They remained married until his death in 1880. [3] They had two children:

Her great-great-grandsons are businesspeople Frederick R. Koch, Charles Koch, David Koch, and Bill Koch.


She died on November 19, 1889 in Summit, New Jersey at the age of 78. [8]


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