Emirates Ice Hockey League

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Emirates Ice Hockey League
Sport Ice hockey
No. of teams5
Countries United Arab Emirates
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Dubai Mighty Camels (5th title)
Most titlesDubai Mighty Camels (5)

The Emirates Hockey League (EHL) is the national ice hockey league of the United Arab Emirates. The league is governed by the International Ice Hockey Federation. Founded in 2009 by the country’s Winter Sports Federation and the Emirates Olympic Committee, and licensed by the International Hockey Federation, [1] the league now (2019) consists of six teams: the Abu Dhabi Scorpions, the Dubai Vipers/White Bears (previously Al Ain Vipers and Dubai Oilers), the Dubai Mighty Camels, the Abu Dhabi Storms, the Al Ain Theebs and the Abu Dhabi Shaheen Falcons. [2] The Scorpions and Mighty Camels are composed of expatriate players, including Canadians, working in the U.A.E., while the other clubs consist of mostly Emirati players who form the United Arab Emirates national team. [3]


The first game of the league was on October 7, 2009 between the Dubai Mighty Camels and the Abu Dhabi Scorpions, held at the Zayed Sports City in Abu Dhabi.

In November 2018, Vladimir Burdun, a former karate champion who had lived in Dubai since the mid-1990s, was appointed as the new president of the League. [4] He planned to eventually field at least one Emirates team in the international, professional Kontinental Hockey League by 2021. [5] "The main goal of the EHL management is to improve the quality of the league and bring new exposure to the level of play and create bridges with one of the best leagues in Europe, the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL)", he said. At about the same time, Dmitry Butenko was appointed as Managing Director of EHL. [6] A new ice arena was expected to open in Dubai, possibly before the end of 2019, with a seating capacity of 17,000, [7] and that venue would meet all the requirements of the KHL. (Preliminary plans for a major arena in Abu Dhabi were also underway in 2018.) [8] [9] [10]

In April 2018, the Dubai Mighty Camels won the fourth title of Emirates Hockey League, becoming the major winner of the competition while in 2019, the champions were the Abu Dhabi Storms. [11]

2021 season

Current teams

TeamHome CityHome rink
Abu Dhabi Scorpions Abu Dhabi Zayed Sports City
Abu Dhabi Storms Abu Dhabi Zayed Sports City
Al Ain Theebs Al Ain Al Ain Ice Rink
Dubai Vipers/White Bears Dubai Dubai Mall Ice Rink
Dubai Mighty Camels Dubai Dubai Mall Ice Rink

Former teams

TeamHome CityHome rink
Abu Dhabi Shaheen Falcons Abu Dhabi Zayed Sports City

Annual champions

2020-2021Dubai Mighty Camels
2019-2020Al Ain Theebs
2018-2019Abu Dhabi Storms
2017-2018Dubai Mighty Camels
2016-2017White Bears Dubai [12]
2015-2016Dubai Mighty Camels
2014-2015Dubai Oilers*
2013-2014Abu Dhabi Storms
2012-2013Dubai Mighty Camels
2011-2012Dubai Mighty Camels
2010-2011Abu Dhabi Storms
2009-2010Al Ain Vipers*

*The Al Ain Vipers became the Dubai Vipers in 2013, and changed their name to the Dubai Oilers in 2014. The team changed back to Dubai Vipers for the 2016-2017 season.

Dubai Mighty Camels5
Abu Dhabi Storms3
Dubai Vipers/WB
Al Ain Theebs1

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Ice hockey is a minor sport that is gaining popularity in United Arab Emirates. The premier ice hockey league in the UAE is Emirates Ice Hockey League (EHL) which began in 2009. The U.A.E. Ice Hockey Association is one of the few sports associations recognized by the United Arab Emirates government.

The Emirates American Football League is an American Football non-professional league for amateurs based in the United Arab Emirates.


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