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Erik Van Looy
Erik Van Looy (De Slimste Mens ter Wereld).jpg
Van Looy at De Slimste Mens ter Wereld (The Smartest Person on Earth) in 2012
Born (1962-04-26) 26 April 1962 (age 60)
Nationality Belgium
OccupationFilmmaker & host on VIER
Known for The Memory of a Killer
The Loft
Children1 (a son)

Erik Ludovicus Maria Van Looy (Dutch:  [ˈeːrɪk fɑn ˈloːi] ) [1] is a Belgian film director known for his thriller movies. [2] He was born on 26 April 1962.


Van Looy is also a popular television host in Flanders who hosts De Slimste Mens ter Wereld (The Smartest Person on Earth), and has hosted De Pappenheimers. The former is a television show aired on VIER where Van Looy and his team of comical judges are on a quest to find the world's smartest person, i.e., the one who has the best knowledge of politics, history, arts, sports, media and film.

Awards and recognition

His most famous films The Alzheimer Case and Loft have been widely appreciated by Flemish audiences as well as Flemish critics, with Loft even selling the most admission tickets of any Flemish film in theaters to date. A remake Loft produced in the Netherlands was also a success. This resulted in an American remake, which was again highly praised by Flemish audiences and critics, but not by American critics.


1993 Ad Fundum
1999 Shades
2003 The Alzheimer Case
2008 Loft
2014 The Loft
2016The Prime Minister

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<i>The Alzheimer Case</i> 2003 film

The Alzheimer Case is a 2003 Belgian action thriller film directed by Erik Van Looy, based on the novel De zaak Alzheimer by Jef Geeraerts. It follows an assassin with Alzheimer's disease, who plans to retire but ends up becoming a target himself after he refuses to kill a young girl.

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<i>Ad Fundum</i> 1993 film

Ad Fundum is a 1993 Belgian drama film directed by Erik Van Looy. It is his first feature-length film after the short films Dr. Tritsmans and Yuppies. It tells the story of some students studying at the university of Leuven who participate in some initiation rites.

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<i>The Loft</i> (film) 2014 film

The Loft is a 2014 erotic thriller film directed by Erik Van Looy. It is a remake of the 2008 Dutch-language Belgian film Loft, which Van Looy also directed. The screenplay was written by Bart De Pauw and adapted by Wesley Strick. Starring Karl Urban, James Marsden and Wentworth Miller, it also features Matthias Schoenaerts who reprises his role from the original film.

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Koen De Bouw Belgian actor

Koen De Bouw is a Belgian actor.

Bent Van Looy Musical artist

Bent Van Looy is a Belgian-Flemish musician, singer and songwriter. He is the frontman and singer for Das Pop, the Belgian band he founded in Ghent in 1994 together with schoolfriends Reinhard Vanbergen, Niek Meul and Lieven Moors. He is also the drummer of Soulwax, a project of the Dewaele brothers.

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Bart De Pauw Flemish TV host, comedian, actor and TV and film scriptwriter

Bart De Pauw is a Flemish TV host, comedian, actor and TV and film scriptwriter, known for humorous television series and shows on Belgian public television, like Buiten De Zone, Schalkse Ruiters, Het Geslacht De Pauw, Willy's en Marjetten, De Mol, Quiz Me Quick and De Biker Boys. He is also the scriptwriter of the Belgian blockbuster film Loft (2008), the original Flemish version of the Hollywood remake The Loft (2014).

Muziektheater Transparant is a Flemish theatre company founded in 1994. They produce music theatre and their own versions of operas. The artistic directors are Guy Coolen and Wouter Van Looy. Among the past and current composers in residence are Wim Henderickx, Jan Van Outryve, Eric Sleichim, Liesa Van der Aa and Annelies Van Parys.


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