Ernest Doudart de Lagrée

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Ernest Doudart de Lagree, from Voyage d'exploration en Indo-Chine Voyage d'exploration en Indo-Chine - effectue pendant les annees 1866 1867 et 1868 - v 1 002 crop.jpg
Ernest Doudart de Lagrée, from Voyage d'exploration en Indo-Chine

Ernest Marc Louis de Gonzague Doudart de Lagrée (French pronunciation:  [ɛʁnɛst dudaʁ də laɡʁe] ; March 31, 1823 March 12, 1868) was the leader of the French Mekong Expedition of 1866-1868. [1]


He was born in Saint-Vincent-de-Mercuze near Grenoble, France, and graduated from the École Polytechnique. [2] He joined the navy and served in the Crimean War, then took up a post in Indochina in the hope that the climate would help his chronically ulcerated throat. It did not, and throughout the Mekong expedition he was often in severe pain.

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The expedition left Saigon on June 5, 1866. In addition to his ulcers, Doudart de Lagrée suffered from fever, amoebic dysentery and infected wounds caused by leeches, as the expeditioners had to walk barefoot once they had worn out their supply of shoes. By the time the expedition reached Dongchuan, in Yunnan, China, he was too sick to be moved, and his second-in-command Francis Garnier took command. Garnier led the expedition to Dali, leaving Doudart de Lagrée in the care of the doctor. He died from an abscess on his liver. The doctor removed his heart to return it to France, while Doudart de Lagrée was buried in Dongchuan.

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Ernest Doudart de Lagrée was also an entomologist. Insect collections made by him in Africa are conserved in Muséum national d'histoire naturelle in Paris. [3]


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