Ernest Maftei

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Ernest Maftei
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Born(1920-03-06)March 6, 1920
Died19 October 2006(2006-10-19) (aged 86)
Years active1953–2006

Ernest Maftei (Romanian pronunciation:  [ˈernest mafˈtej] ; 6 March 1920 – 19 October 2006) was a Romanian film actor. He appeared in more than seventy films from 1953 to 2006.



Born in Prăjești, Bacău County, he attended high school in Bacău, and, at age 17, he joined the youth branch of the Iron Guard. For his militant activities, he was detained in 1938 for 5 months at a correctional facility in Vaslui, and later at prisons in Galați, Jilava, and Văcărești. In 1944 he graduated the Academy of Music and Dramatic Art of Iași. During the early Communist regime he was arrested and spent more time in prison before being released after the intervention of some Jews he helped. [1]

In December 1989 Maftei took an active role in the Romanian Revolution, while in June 1990 he was severely beaten during a Mineriad in Bucharest. He died in Bucharest in 2006. [1]

Selected filmography

2005Lacrimi de iubireDionisie
2001Detectiv fără voie
1979 Mihail, câine de circ Greenleaf
1979 Vlad Tepes (film) Manzila
1976 Through the Ashes of the Empire The Gypsy
1976 The Doom Sava Petrache
1976 Accident The grandfather
1972 Then I Sentenced Them All to Death Marcu
1968 The Reenactment
1965 Răscoala

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