Esti HaMekho'eret

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Esti HaMekho'eret
אסתי המכוערת
Also known asElvis, Rosenthal, VeHaIsha Hamistorit
Genre comedy-drama
Created byShlomo Moshiah
Based on El amor no es como lo pintan
by Juan David Burns and Elisa Salinas
Starring Riki Blich, and others
Country of originIsrael
Original network Channel 2
Original releaseJuly 3, 2003 (2003-07-03) 
2006 (2006)

Esti HaMekho'eret (Hebrew : אסתי המכוערת; lit. The Ugly Esti) is an Israeli television comedy-drama series starring Riki Blich. The series premiered on 3 July 2003 on Channel 2 in Israel and was created by Shlomo Moshiah.

This series is based on the Mexican telenovela El amor no es como lo pintan , despite reports that it is based on the Colombian novela Yo soy Betty, la fea . [1] A report to the stockholders of Dori Media shows that the company was threatened with a lawsuit because of their show's similarities to Betty la fea. [2] Because of potential legal action, the show's premise was changed, as was its title, "Elvis, Rosenthal, VeHaIsha Hamistorit" .


Riki Blich Esther "Esti" Ben-David
Shaike Levi Hananel "Elvis" Ben-David
Oded Kotler Zvi Rosenthal
Leora Rivlin  [ Wikidata ]Dina Rosenthal
Nitza Saul Ika Alfandari-Ben David
Chelli Goldenberg Ruthy Casspi

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