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Eva Todor
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Eva Todor (1959)
Éva Fodor

(1919-11-09)9 November 1919
Died10 December 2017(2017-12-10) (aged 98)
Spouse(s)Luis Iglesias (1936-1958)
Paulo Nolding (1964-1989)

Eva Todor (born Éva Fodor; 9 November 1919 – 10 December 2017) was a Brazilian actress and dancer. [1]



Éva Fodor was born in Budapest but emigrated with her family in 1929 to Brazil. She later changed her surname to Todor. [2] She was married twice: to Luís Iglesias from 1935 until his death in 1963, and to Paulo Nolding, from 1964 until his death in 1989. She had no children.

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Todor died in Rio de Janeiro on 10 December 2017 of pneumonia while suffering from Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, aged 98. [3]

Rio de Janeiro Second-most populous municipality in Brazil

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<i>Roque Santeiro</i> Brazilian telenovela

Roque Santeiro is a Brazilian primetime telenovela produced and broadcast by Rede Globo. It premiered on 24 June 1985 and ended on 22 February 1986, replacing Corpo a Corpo and was replaced by Selva de Pedra.

Locomotivas is a Brazilian telenovela produced and broadcast by Rede Globo. It premiered on 1 March 1977 and ended on 12 September 1977, with a total of 168 episodes. It's the nineteenth "novela das sete" to be aired at the timeslot. It is created by Cassiano Gabus Mendes and directed by Régis Cardoso.

Top Model is a Brazilian telenovela produced and displayed at the time of 19 hours by Rede Globo, September 18, 1989, to May 4, 1990 in 197 chapters. Substitute Que Rei Sou Eu? and be succeeded by Mico Preto.


<i>Xuxa Abracadabra</i> 2003 film by Moacyr Góes

Xuxa Abracadabra is a 2003 Brazilian fantasy adventure children's filmis, written by Flávio de Souza, directed by Moacyr Góes, produced by Diler Trindade and distributed by Warner Bros. and Globo Filmes. Starring the Xuxa Meneghel with the participation of Márcio Garcia, Cláudia Raia, Brunno Abrahão, Maria Mariana Azevedo, Heloísa Périssé, Leandro Hassum, Lúcio Mauro Filho, Sérgio Mamberti. The film follows Sofia is a librarian who works only with children's books. About to go out with her best friend, she receives a request from Matheus to take care of her children, Lucas and Julia. Sofia attends to the request, because besides being very fond of the children she has a secret passion for Matheus, who has been a widower for three years. She then departs to the home of the children's great-uncle, who is a sorcerer astronomer and possesses a magical book that takes people to the land of fairy tales.

<i>Meu Nome Não É Johnny</i> 2008 film by Mauro Lima

Meu Nome Não É Johnny is a 2008 Brazilian film directed by Mauro Lima. A box office hit, it was one of the 14 films considered by the Ministry of Culture to represent Brazil in the competition for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film at the 2008 ceremony. The film was based on the book Meu Nome Não é Johnny by Guilherme Fiuza.

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