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Founded2007; 12 years ago
Confederation AFC
Number of teams 12
Level on pyramid1
Domestic cup(s) All Japan Futsal Championship
F.League Ocean Cup
International cup(s) AFC Futsal Club Championship
Current champions Nagoya Oceans (13th title)
Most championships Nagoya Oceans (13 titles)
Website www.fleague.jp
Current: 2020–21 F.League

The F. League (in Japanese: "F・リーグ", Officially "日本フットサルリーグ",Nihon Futtosaru Rīgu) is the top league for Futsal in Japan. The winning team obtains the participation right to the AFC Futsal Club Championship. [1]



The league was formed in 2007 as a complement for the elimination tournament, (the current Puma Cup) which groups regional futsal champions into a final elimination phase. [2]

The league operates on the sports franchise system, with no promotion or relegation of clubs. The clubs are thus expansion teams. In 2009 the number of clubs was increased from 8 to 10 with the addition of Fuchu Athletic and Espolada Hokkaido.

In F. League play, the clubs battle each other three times: once at home, once away and once in a neutral venue (generally Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo). The season runs from August to February.

An elimination league cup, the Ocean Cup is played every season by the 12 F.League teams.


Teams play the F. League 2019–20 season.

Division 1

TeamCity/AreaMain ArenaFounded
Bardral Urayasu Urayasu, Chiba Urayasu General Gymnasium1998
Pescadola Machida Machida, Tokyo Machida Municipal General Gymnasium1999
Fuchu Athletic F.C. Fuchū, Tokyo Fuchu Sports Center2000
Fugador Sumida Sumida, Tokyo Sumida City Gymnasium 2001
Boaluz Nagano Nagano, Nagano White Ring 2018
Shriker Osaka Osaka, Osaka Osaka Municipal Central Gymnasium 2002
Vasagey Oita Oita, Oita Oozu Sports Park2003
Nagoya Oceans Nagoya, Aichi Takeda Teva Ocean Arena 2006
Shonan Bellmare Hiratsuka, Kanagawa Odawara Arena2007
Espolada Hokkaido Sapporo, Hokkaido Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center 2008
Voscuore Sendai Sendai, Miyagi Sendai Gymnasium 2012
F.League selection Nagoya, Aichi Takeda Teva Ocean Arena 2018

Division 2

TeamCity/AreaMain ArenaFounded
Toruela Kashiwa Kashiwa, Chiba Kashiwa City Central Gymnasium2018
Y.S.C.C. Yokohama Yokohama, Kanagawa Yokohama City Hiranuma Memorial Gymnasium2018
Vincedor Hakusan Hakusan, Ishikawa Matto General Sports Park Gymnasium2018
Agleymina Hamamatsu Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Hamamatsu Arena 1996
Deução Kobe Kobe, Hyogo Kobe Green Arena 2007
Hiroshima F DO Hiroshima, Hiroshima Hiroshima City Asakita-ku Sports Center2018
Porseid Hamada Hamada, Shimane Shimane Prefectural Gymnasium2018
Borkbullet Kitakyushu Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Kitakyushu City General Gymnasium 2018



SeasonsWinnerRunner-upThird place
2007–08 Nagoya Oceans Bardral Urayasu Deução Kobe
2008–09 Nagoya Oceans Bardral Urayasu Deução Kobe
2009–10 Nagoya Oceans Pescadola Machida Shriker Osaka
2010–11 Nagoya Oceans Deução Kobe Vasagey Oita
2011–12 Nagoya Oceans Shriker Osaka Deução Kobe
2012–13 Nagoya Oceans Shriker Osaka Fuchu Athletic
2013–14 Nagoya Oceans Shriker Osaka Vasagey Oita
2014–15 Nagoya Oceans Shriker Osaka Bardral Urayasu
2015–16 Nagoya Oceans Fuchu Athletic Shriker Osaka
2016–17 Shriker Osaka Pescadola Machida Nagoya Oceans
2017–18 Nagoya Oceans Pescadola Machida Shonan Bellmare
2018–19 Nagoya Oceans Shriker Osaka Tachikawa Fuchu Athletic
2019–20 Nagoya Oceans Vasagey Oita Fugador Sumida
2020–21 Nagoya Oceans

Most Valuable Player (MVP)

2007–08 Flag of Japan.svg Kaoru Morioka (Nagoya Oceans)
2008–09 Flag of Japan.svg Wataru Kitahara (Nagoya Oceans)
2009–10 Flag of Brazil.svg Higor Pires (Shriker Osaka)
2010–11 Flag of Portugal.svg Ricardinho (Nagoya Oceans)
2011–12 Flag of Japan.svg Kaoru Morioka (Nagoya Oceans)
2012–13 Flag of Portugal.svg Ricardinho (Nagoya Oceans)
2013–14 Flag of Japan.svg Kaoru Morioka (Nagoya Oceans)
2014–15 Flag of Japan.svg Kaoru Morioka (Nagoya Oceans)
2015–16 Flag of Brazil.svg Vinicius Crepaldi (Shriker Osaka)
2016–17 Flag of Japan.svg Nobuya Osodo (Shriker Osaka)
2017–18 Flag of Brazil.svg Rafa (Nagoya Oceans)
2018–19 Flag of Japan.svg Tomoki Yoshikawa (Nagoya Oceans)

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