FAI Intermediate Cup

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FAI Intermediate Cup
Organising body Football Association of Ireland
Founded 1926
Region Flag of Ireland.svg Ireland
Domestic cup(s)Tom Hand Memorial Cup
Current championsMaynooth University Town F.C [1]
Most successful club(s) Avondale United: (8)
Website FAI Intermediate Cup @ www.fai.ie
Soccerball current event.svg 2016–17 FAI Intermediate Cup

The FAI Intermediate Cup (Irish : Corn Comortais Peile na hÉireann), [2] also known as the FAI Umbro Intermediate Cup and the Pat O'Brien Intermediate Challenge Cup, is a cup competition organized by the Football Association of Ireland for intermediate association football clubs from the Republic of Ireland. These include clubs competing in the Leinster Senior League, the Munster Senior League and the Ulster Senior League. It was originally known as the FAI Qualifying Cup and from the beginning it has been used as a qualifying competition for the senior FAI Cup. It is currently sponsored by Umbro and has previously been sponsored by Carlsberg.



FAI Qualifying Cup

The competition was originally known as the FAI Qualifying Cup before it was renamed the FAI Intermediate Cup at the start of the 1931–32 season. The cup's first winners were Drumcondra who beat Cobh Ramblers in the inaugural 1926–27 final. Drumcondra, who at the time were playing in the Leinster Senior League, subsequently went onto complete a cup double when they defeated Brideville 1–0 in the 1926–27 FAI Cup final. [3] [4] [5] The competition continues to act a qualifying competition for the FAI Cup with clubs who reach the Round of Sixteen being invited to compete in the senior cup. [2]

League of Ireland

In addition to being the inaugural winners, Drumcondra were also the first of several future League of Ireland clubs to win the FAI Intermediate Cup. Cork Bohemians, Sligo Rovers, Longford Town, UCD, Cobh Ramblers, St Patricks Athletic, Albert Rovers, Bray Wanderers, Home Farm and Cork Hibernians, playing as AOH, all subsequently won the cup before joining the national league. Athlone Town were also finalists on one occasion. Jacobs, St. James's Gate and Transport all won the cup after leaving the League of Ireland. With five wins, Longford Town were the competitions most successful club until Bluebell United equalled their record in 1999–2000 and Avondale United surpassed it in 2013–14. The reserve teams of League of Ireland clubs have also won the cup on several occasions. These include Bohemians, Shelbourne, Drumcondra and St Patrick's Athletic. Limerick B and UCD Reserves were also runners up. [4] [5]

2000s and 2010s

During the 2000s and 2010s Avondale United and Crumlin United have been the cup's most successful clubs. In 2013–14 Avondale United became only the second club after Distillery to win the cup four times in a row. [6] [7] In 2012 the FAI introduced a new cup, the Tom Hand Memorial Cup, which saw the winners of the FAI Intermediate Cup play off against the winners of the FAI Junior Cup. Avondale United won the inaugural match, defeating Sheriff Y.C. 2–1 at the AUL Complex. [8] [9] In 2014 it was announced that future finals would be hosted at the Aviva Stadium. [10] The 2014–15 and 2015–16 finals were both played as double headers along with the FAI Junior Cup finals. [11] [12]


2018-19 Avondale United 1-0 [13] Crumlin United Aviva Stadium
2017-18Maynooth University Town F.C.4-1 [note 1] [14] [15] Firhouse Clover F.C. Aviva Stadium
2016–17 Liffey Wanderers 2 2 (a.e.t.) 5 4 (pen.) Cobh Wanderers Aviva Stadium
2015–16 Crumlin United 5–0 [7] [16] Letterkenny Rovers Aviva Stadium
2014–15 Crumlin United 4–0 [17] [18] Tolka Rovers Aviva Stadium
2013–14 Avondale United 3–0 [6] [19] UCD Reserves Turners Cross
2012–13 Avondale United 4–1 [20] Bluebell United Richmond Park
2011–12 Avondale United 2–1 [note 2] [21] Cherry Orchard Tallaght Stadium
2010–11 Avondale United 1–0 [note 3] [22] Cherry Orchard Turners Cross
2009–10 Crumlin United 3–1 [23] [24] Avondale United Dalymount Park
2008–09 Crumlin United 3–2 [25] [26] Bluebell United Tallaght Stadium
2007–08 Rockmount 2–0 [27] Douglas Hall Turners Cross
2006–07 Avondale United 1–0 [28] Bangor Celtic Turners Cross
2005–06 Avondale United [29] 1–0 Blarney United
2004–05 Wayside Celtic 1–0 [30] Rockmount Carlisle Grounds
2003–04 Rockmount Bluebell United Richmond Park [31]
2002–03Belgrove (Dublin) Rockmount Turners Cross [32]
ReplayBelgrove (Dublin)2–1 [33] Rockmount Whitehall Stadium
2001–02 Ashtown Villa Cherry Orchard
2000–01 Wayside Celtic 1–0 [34] Ashtown Villa Dalymount Park
1999–2000 Bluebell United St. Marys
1998–99 Rockmount 2–0 [31] Garda Turners Cross
1997–98 Cherry Orchard 2–1 [35] College Corinthians
1996–97Glenmore Celtic (Dublin)1–0 [36] Everton Turners Cross
1995–96 Wayside Celtic Fanad United
1994–95 Fanad United 1–0 [35] College Corinthians Terryland Park [37]
1993–94 Bluebell United Cherry Orchard
1992–93 Bluebell United Wayside Celtic
1991–92Pegasus (Dublin) Bluebell United
1990–91Edenmore2-0St Joseph's Boys (Sallynoggin)Tolka Park
1989–90 Bluebell United Ballyfermot United (Ballyfermot)
1988–89 T.E.K. United 1–0 St. James's Gate Dalymount Park
1987–88 Fanad United [37] 1–0 Tramore Athletic Dalymount Park
1986–87 Tramore Athletic Bank Rovers (Dublin)
1985–86Crofton Celtic (Cork) Everton
1984–85Bank Rovers (Dundalk)Hammond Lane (Dublin)
1983–84Ballyfermot United (Ballyfermot)Bank Rovers (Dublin)
1982–83 Cobh Ramblers Bluebell United
1981–82 Bluebell United Tramore Athletic
1980–81 Tramore Athletic Ballyfermot United (Ballyfermot)
1979–80 Cobh Ramblers Tramore Athletic
1978–79 Tramore Athletic Swilly Rovers (Ramelton)
1977–78 Avondale United AIB
1976–77Pegasus (Dublin) Bray Wanderers
1975–76St. Brendans CIE Transport
1974–75CYM Terenure (Terenure)Belgrove (Dublin)
1973–74 Transport T.E.K. United
1972–73Dalkey United (Dalkey)Rialto (Dublin)
1971–72CYM Terenure (Terenure) T.E.K. United
1970–71 Tullamore Town Bluebell United
1969–70Rialto (Dublin) Home Farm
1968–69 Longford Town Transport
1967–68 Home Farm 0–0 Athlone Town St Mel's Park [38]
Replay Home Farm 1–0 Athlone Town Tolka Park [38]
1966–67 Home Farm Tramore Athletic
1965–66 Transport Home Farm
1964–65 T.E.K. United Glasheen (Glasheen)
1963–64 Transport T.E.K. United
1962–63 Home Farm Limerick B
1961–62 Longford Town Home Farm
1960–61Workmen's Club Jacobs
1959–60 Longford Town Bray Wanderers
1958–69 Albert Rovers [39] 3–2 Bray Wanderers Rutland Avenue
1957–58 Bray Wanderers 3–2Chapelizod (Chapelizod)
1956–57Workmen's Club2–1 AOH Turners Cross
1955–56 Bray Wanderers AOH
1954–55 Longford Town Workmen's Club
1953–54 Albert Rovers Jacobs
1952–53 St Patrick's Athletic Reserves Jacobs
1951–52 AOH Pike Rovers
1950–51 St. James's Gate Evergreen United
1949–50 Jacobs St Patricks Athletic
1948–49 St Patricks Athletic Freebooters (Cork)
1947–48 St Patricks Athletic Cobh Ramblers
1946–47 Drumcondra B Rockville (Cork)
1944–45 UCD 4-2 Cobh Ramblers Dalymount Park
1941–42 Distillery (Dublin) Cobh Ramblers
1940–41 Distillery (Dublin) Cork Bohemians
1939–40 Distillery (Dublin) Cork Bohemians
1938–39 Distillery (Dublin) Cork Bohemians
1937–38 Terenure Athletic Cork Bohemians
1936–37 Longford Town Fearon's Athletic
1935–36 B and ISP G.S. Rlys (Cork)
1934–35Tramore Rookies Bohemians Reserves
1933–34 Sligo Rovers Tramore Rookies
1932–33 Shelbourne B Cork Bohemians
1931–32 Bohemians Reserves Cork Bohemians
1930–31 Cork Bohemians Rossville
1929–30Cahir Park (Cahir)4–2Glasnevin (Glasnevin)
1928–29Richmond UnitedFermoy (Fermoy)
1927–28 Cork Bohemians Strandville
1926–27 Drumcondra Cobh Ramblers

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List of winners by club

Avondale United 81977–78, 2005–06, 2006–07, 2010–11, 2011–12, 2012–13, 2013–14, 2018–19
Bluebell United 51981–82, 1989–90, 1992–93, 1993–94, 1999–2000
Longford Town 51936–37, 1954–55, 1959–60, 1961–62, 1968–69
Crumlin United 42008–09, 2009–10, 2014–15, 2015–16
Distillery (Dublin) 41938–39, 1939–40, 1940–41, 1941–42
Home Farm 31962–63, 1966–67, 1967–68
Rockmount 31998–99, 2003–04, 2007–08
St Patrick's Athletic 31947–48, 1948–49, 1952–53
Tramore Athletic 31978–79, 1980–81, 1986–87
Transport 31963–64, 1965–66, 1973–74
Wayside Celtic 31995–96, 2000–01, 2004–05
Albert Rovers 21953–54, 1958–59
Bray Wanderers 21955–56, 1957–58
Cobh Ramblers 21979–80, 1982–83
Cork Bohemians 21927–28, 1930–31
CYM Terenure (Terenure)21971–72, 1974–75
Drumcondra 21926–27, 1946–47
Fanad United 21987–88, 1994–95
Pegasus (Dublin)21976–77, 1991–92
T.E.K. United 21964–65, 1988–89
Workmen's Club21956–57, 1960–61
AOH 11951–52
Ashtown Villa 12001–02
Ballyfermot United (Ballyfermot)11983–84
Bank Rovers (Dundalk)11984–85
Belgrove (Dublin)12002–03
Bohemians Reserves 11931–32
B and ISP 11935–36
Cahir Park (Cahir)11929–30
Cherry Orchard 11997–98
Crofton Celtic (Cork)11997–98
Dalkey United (Dalkey )11972–73
Glenmore Celtic (Dublin)11996–97
Jacobs 11949–50
Maynooth University Town F.C. (Kildare)12017–18
Rialto (Dublin)11969–70
Richmond United11928–29
St. Brendans CIE11975–76
St James's Gate 11950–51
Shelbourne B 11932–33
Sligo Rovers 11933–34
Terenure Athletic 11937–38
Tramore Rookies11934–35
Tullamore Town 11970–71
UCD 11945–46

Source: [4] [5]

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The 2012–13 Umbro FAI Intermediate Cup was the 86th season of the tournament's existence. 94 clubs competed to win the title. Avondale United are the defending champions after they beat Cherry Orchard 2-1 for the second successive season in the final after extra time in Tallaght Stadium to gain their fifth Intermediate Cup title. The 16 teams that reach the fourth round will qualify for the 2013 FAI Cup.

The 2013–14 FAI Umbro Intermediate Cup was the 87th season of the FAI Intermediate Cup. Intermediate clubs from the Leinster Senior League, the Munster Senior League and the Ulster Senior League entered the competition. Avondale United finished as winners after they defeated UCD Reserves 3–0 in the final in Turners Cross. As a result Avondale United also became only the second club after Distillery to win the cup four times in a row. They also became the first club to win the FAI Intermediate Cup seven times, making them the competition's most successful club.

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Distillery Football Club was an Irish association football club originally based on Distillery Road in Drumcondra, Dublin. The club was active during the 1930s and 1940s, fielding teams in both the Leinster Senior League and the Athletic Union League. They also competed in the FAI Cup, the FAI Intermediate Cup, the FAI Junior Cup and the Leinster Senior Cup, winning the three latter trophies. Despite their successes at intermediate and junior level, unlike their contemporaries Sligo Rovers and St Patrick's Athletic, Distillery never joined the League of Ireland.

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The 2018 FAI Cup was the 98th edition of the Republic of Ireland's primary national cup competition. It began with the qualifying round on 21 April 2018, and concluded with the final on 4 November 2018. The winner qualified for the 2019–20 Europa League first qualifying round.

The 2019 FAI Cup was the 99th edition of the annual Republic of Ireland's cup competition.Forty teams participated in the competition, including all teams from the Premier Division and First Division. The competition began on 19 April 2019 with the first of five rounds and ended on 3 November 2019 with the final at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin, a nominally neutral venue, which has hosted the final since 2010.

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Sarah Rowe is a dual code sportswoman and a former Republic of Ireland women's association football international. In addition to association football, Rowe has also played two other football codes at a senior level. She has played ladies' Gaelic football for Mayo and women's Australian rules football for Collingwood in the AFLW. At club level, Rowe has played association football for Castlebar Celtic, Raheny United and Shelbourne Ladies in the Women's National League. Rowe was a member of the Republic of Ireland U19 team that won their group at the 2014 UEFA Women's Under-19 Championship and qualified for the semi-finals. In 2016 she was also a member of the Shelbourne Ladies team that won a Women's National League/FAI Women's Cup double.


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