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FC Ilves
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Full nameTampereen Ilves[ citation needed ]
Ground Tammelan Stadion, Tampere
ChairmanAri Ruuth
Manager Jarkko Wiss
League Veikkausliiga
2018 Veikkausliiga, 5th
Website Club website
Active departments of
Floorball pictogram.svg Football pictogram.svg Football pictogram.svg
Floorball Football
Futsal pictogram.svg Futsal pictogram.svg Ice hockey pictogram.svg
Ice hockey
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Ringette Ice hockey
Tammela Stadium Tammela football stadium1.jpg
Tammela Stadium

Ilves Tampere is a Finnish football club, based in Tampere. In the 2018 season they play in the Veikkausliiga, the highest level in Finland.

Finland Republic in Northern Europe

Finland, officially the Republic of Finland, is a Nordic country in Northern Europe bordering the Baltic Sea, Gulf of Bothnia, and Gulf of Finland, between Norway to the north, Sweden to the northwest, and Russia to the east. The capital and largest city is Helsinki. Other major cities are Espoo, Vantaa, Tampere, Oulu and Turku.

Association football Team field sport

Association football, more commonly known as football or soccer, is a team sport played with a spherical ball between two teams of eleven players. It is played by 250 million players in over 200 countries and dependencies, making it the world's most popular sport. The game is played on a rectangular field called a pitch with a goal at each end. The object of the game is to score by moving the ball beyond the goal line into the opposing goal.

Tampere City in Pirkanmaa, Finland

Tampere is a city in Pirkanmaa, southern Finland. It is the most populous inland city in the Nordic countries.


They were formed in 1975 as a merger between IKissat Tampere and TaPa Tampere, and joined the Premier Division in 1979. [1]

Ilves won the Finnish league championship in 1983 and the Finnish Cup in 1979 and 1990.[ citation needed ]

In the late 1990's, Ilves suffered financial trouble and its professional team was reformed into Tampere United before the 1999 season. The initial plan was to join Ilves with TPV, but TPV decided to continue as its own team. As a result, Tampere United inherited Ilves' place in the second highest division, and Ilves dissolved their men’s team. Thus the club did not have a men's team from 1999 to 2007. [2]

Tampere United association football club in Finland

Tampere United is a Finnish football club from the city of Tampere. The club plays in Kakkonen, the third highest level of football in Finland. The club had a team in Veikkausliiga, the premier football league in Finland, until the end of the 2010 season. It was excluded from participating in Finnish football during the 2011 season amidst suspicions of money laundering. The club was kept alive by its supporters, who entered a team called TamU-K in Kutonen, the lowest level of football in Finland, in 2012. The club earned three promotions in four years, and all its teams were taken over by Tampere United in the lead up to the 2016 season. Tampere United is now a fan-owned club and controlled by the same supporters who ran TamU-K.

Tampereen Pallo-Veikot association football club in Finland

Tampereen Pallo-Veikot or TPV is a Finnish football club, based in Tampere. The club plays in the Kakkonen, the third highest level of football in Finland. It is the second largest football club in the Pirkanmaa region in terms of active members, with 1,600 members in 2005.

At a Kakkonen match between Ilves and local rivals TPV in 2011. Jari niemi.jpg
At a Kakkonen match between Ilves and local rivals TPV in 2011.

Their home ground is Tammelan Stadion. [3]


European record

[ citation needed ]

SeasonCompetitionRoundClub1st leg2nd legAggregate
1980–81 European Cup Winners' Cup 1R Flag of the Netherlands.svg Feyenoord 1–32–43–7
1984–85 European Cup 1R Flag of Italy.svg Juventus 0–41–21–6
1986–87 UEFA Cup 1R Flag of Scotland.svg Rangers 0–42–02–4
1991–92 European Cup Winners' Cup 1R Ulster Banner.svg Glenavon 2–32–14–4
2R Flag of Italy.svg Roma 1–12–53–6
2018–19 UEFA Europa League 1QR Flag of Bulgaria.svg PFC Slavia Sofia 0–11–21–3

Current squad

As of 7 August 2019. [4] Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

As the governing body of association football, FIFA is responsible for maintaining and implementing the rules that determine whether an association football player is eligible to represent a particular country in officially recognised international competitions and friendly matches. In the 20th century, FIFA allowed a player to represent any national team, as long as the player held citizenship of that country. In 2004, in reaction to the growing trend towards naturalisation of foreign players in some countries, FIFA implemented a significant new ruling that requires a player to demonstrate a "clear connection" to any country they wish to represent. FIFA has used its authority to overturn results of competitive international matches that feature ineligible players.

1 Flag of Finland.svg GK Mika Hilander (captain)
2 Flag of Finland.svg DF Janne Saksela
3 Flag of Finland.svg DF Diogo Tomas
4 Flag of Finland.svg DF Felipe Aspegren
5 Flag of Brazil.svg MF Jair
6 Flag of Finland.svg MF Matias Ojala
8 Flag of Finland.svg MF Iiro Järvinen
9 Flag of Finland.svg FW Ilari Mettälä
10 Flag of Finland.svg MF Lauri Ala-Myllymäki
11 Flag of Cameroon.svg FW Jacques Haman
12 Flag of Finland.svg GK Johannes Luukkanen
13 Flag of Ghana.svg DF Baba Mensah
14 Flag of Finland.svg MF Tuure Siira
15 Flag of Finland.svg DF Mikael Almén
16 Flag of Finland.svg DF Tatu Miettunen
17 Flag of Finland.svg FW Aleksi Tarvonen
18 Flag of Finland.svg FW Eemeli Raittinen
20 Flag of Finland.svg MF Eero Tamminen
21 Flag of Finland.svg MF Janne-Pekka Laine
22 Flag of Finland.svg DF Tariq Kazi
23 Flag of Finland.svg MF Naatan Skyttä
24 Flag of Finland.svg DF Roope Huhtala
25 Flag of Senegal.svg MF Emile Paul Tendeng
26 Flag of Cote d'Ivoire.svg FW Tiemoko Fofana
28 Flag of Finland.svg FW Jesse Huhtala
30 Flag of Niger.svg MF Yussif Moussa
32 Flag of Finland.svg GK Matias Riikonen
60 Flag of Ghana.svg DF David Addy

Management and boardroom


As of 20 June 2018. [5]

Flag of Finland.svg Jarkko Wiss Head Coach
Flag of Finland.svg Toni Kallio Coach
Flag of Finland.svg Mikko Kavén Goalkeeping Coach
Flag of Finland.svg Heli RekimiesFitness Coach
Flag of Finland.svg Ville NiemeläKit Manager / Team Manager
Flag of Finland.svg Ville KorpelaPhysiotherapist
Flag of Finland.svg Jonne VäisänenDoctor


As of 12 April 2017 [6]

Flag of Finland.svg Pentti KuuselaChairman
Flag of Finland.svg Tomi ErolaCEO
Flag of Finland.svg Toni HevonkorpiDevelopment Director / Vice CEO


Matti Paatelainen is a Finnish former international footballer who played as a striker.

Valeri Popovitch Footballer

Valeri Aleksandrovich Popovitch is a Russian former football forward. Popovitch is the all-time scoring leader of FC Haka. After his contract ended with HJK in 2010, he joined Ilves Tampere playing in Kakkonen, as a player-coach, signing a two-year contract. Currently he is a youth coach at FC Haka.

Keith Armstrong (footballer) football coach

Keith Thomas Armstrong is a former footballer who played in the Football League for Sunderland, Newport County and Scunthorpe United, and in Finland for a number of clubs, where he also coached.

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Jarkko Wiss is a Finnish former footballer. Wiss is currently working as a manager of the Ilves.

Sani Kaita Nigerian footballer

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Tomi Petrescu Finnish footballer

Tomi Petrescu, is a Finnish professional football winger and attacking midfielder who plays for Finnish Veikkausliiga side Ilves and has represented Finland national under-21 football team. Petrescu was born in Jyväskylä, Finland where he played for the local JJK youth team before moving to Leicester City F.C.

IF Gnistan association football club in Finland

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HIFK Fotboll football club from Helsinki, Finland

HIFK Fotboll or IFK Helsingfors is an association football section of HIFK, a sports club from Helsinki, Finland. The men's football first team plays in the highest tier of Finnish football, Veikkausliiga. Their home ground is at the Telia 5G -areena.

Jari Niinimäki is a Finnish former international footballer.

The 2019 Finnish Cup will be the 64th season of the Finnish Cup football competition.

Ilves Naiset Finnish womens ice hockey team

Tampereen Ilves Naiset is the representative women's ice hockey team of the sports club Ilves ry based in Tampere, Finland. They play in the Naisten Liiga (NSML), the premier women's ice hockey league in Finland. Ilves is the only team in the Naisten Liiga to have iced a team every season since the establishment of the league in 1982. They have won the Finnish Championship ten times, the second most titles in league history.


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