Fanny Navarro

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Fanny Navarro
Fanny Navarro by Annemarie Heinrich, Radiolandia 1951.jpg
Fanny Navarro by Annemarie Heinrich, 1951
Born(1920-06-01)June 1, 1920
DiedMarch 18, 1971(1971-03-18) (aged 50)

Fanny Navarro (1 June 1920 - 18 March 1971) was an Argentine actress. She starred in films such Melodías porteñas (1937), Doce mujeres (1939), Ambición (1939), El hijo del barrio (1940), Hogar, dulce hogar (1941), Dos ángeles y un pecador (1945), Marihuana (1950), Deshonra (1952), Marta Ferrari (1956) and La Calesita (1969). [1] Navarro was the girlfriend of Eva Perón's brother, and she was selected by Perón to head the Peronist foundation for actresses. Navarro once lost the only copy of a script written for Leopoldo Marechal's play Antigona Verez ; Marechal was ordered to rewrite the entire thing. [2]



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