Felix Sturm

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Felix Sturm
Felix Sturm 2012-03-30.JPG
Sturm in 2012
Real nameAdnan Ćatić
Nickname(s)The Fighter
Height1.81 m (5 ft 11 in)
Reach185 cm (73 in)
  • German
  • Bosnian
Born (1979-01-31) 31 January 1979 (age 43)
Leverkusen, West Germany
Stance Orthodox
Boxing record
Total fights52
Wins by KO18

Adnan Ćatić (born 31 January 1979), known as Felix Sturm, is a Bosnian-German professional boxer. He has held multiple world championships in two weight classes, including the WBO middleweight title from 2003 to 2004, the WBA middleweight title twice between 2006 and 2012, the IBF middleweight title from 2013 to 2014, and the WBA (Super) super-middleweight title in 2016. As an amateur, Sturm won a gold medal at the 2000 European Championships in the light-middleweight division.


Amateur highlights

He finished his amateur career with a record of 143 wins and 10 losses. [4]

Professional career

Early years

On 27 January 2001, Sturm made his debut as a professional boxer facing Antonio Ribeiro from Angola. Six months earlier he had qualified for the Olympic Games in Sydney, but lost his fight to future middleweight champ Jermain Taylor.

After 16 successful matches, Sturm won the WBO Inter-Continental middleweight title on 10 May 2003. On 13 September 2003, he replaced the injured Bert Schenk in a WBO title bout against Argentinian Hectór Javier Velazco and won the match. [5] Sturm defended the title against Rubén Varón Fernández from Spain.

Sturm vs. De La Hoya

On 5 June 2004 in Las Vegas, Sturm faced Oscar De La Hoya in a defense of his WBO middleweight championship. All three judges scored the fight 115-113 for De La Hoya, while Harold Lederman scored the fight 115-113 for Sturm. Compubox counted Sturm as landing 234 of 541 punches, while counting De La Hoya as landing 188 of 792. Sturm protested the decision with the Nevada Athletic Commission to no avail. [6] [7]

WBA champion

On 11 March 2006, Sturm defeated Maselino Masoe for the WBA middleweight title by a unanimous decision. [8] Sturm then lost his title against former champion Javier Castillejo via TKO on 15 July 2006 [9] but won it back from Castillejo in a rematch on 28 April 2007 by a twelve round unanimous decision in Oberhausen, which he earned after defeating Gavin Topp by TKO in the sixth round.

Sturm became a three-time world champion after defeating Castillejo in the rematch.

He also fought Randy Griffin twice, drawing with him in their first fight and winning their second fight by unanimous decision. [10]

On 2 November 2008, Sturm retained his WBA middleweight title via unanimous decision (118-110, 118-110 and 119-109) over Sebastian Sylvester. He improved to 31-2, with one draw, while Sylvester fell to 31-3. [11]

On 11 July 2009, he defended his title against Khoren Gevor in Nürburg in 12 rounds.

After over a year of inactivity Sturm came back to defend his WBA title against Giovanni Lorenzo, with the winner becoming the WBA "Super" champion. Sturm defeated Lorenzo by a twelve round unanimous decision with the judges giving a comfortable 117-111 twice and 118-111 on the scorecards.

After defeating top contenders Matthew Macklin and Sebastian Zbik, Sturm lost his WBA title to Australian Daniel Geale. Geale's IBF title was also on the line. [12]

IBF champion

In 2013, Sturm became Germany's first four-time world champion by defeating Darren Barker in Stuttgart. Barker was in no condition to continue after suffering a serious hip injury. Barker's IBF title was on the line. One month later the Englishman announced his retirement from boxing. [13]

In mid-2014, Sturm lost his title against Sam Soliman via unanimous decision. Soliman won by official scores of 110-118 (twice) and 111–117.[ citation needed ]


WBA (Super) champion

In 2016, Sturm defeated Fedor Chudinov by way decision, becoming a two-weight world champion. Later after the fight, the doping samples that were taken from Sturm before the fight were suddenly challenged, however, the sample documents were not complete, as the location, time of arrival was not documented. Due to this inaccuracy, Sturm was not stripped of his titles. He then relocated to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Doping allegations

Sturm broke the silence two months later with a post which he shared via Instagram where he complained about being treated unfairly by the doping investigators. Sturm wrote that he was only informed two months after the first doping sample about the results and that he wasn't told why it took longer than usual (two weeks). After engaging a lawyer who requested all the required documents from the investigators he noticed that the last page was missing, "...where is written, when my sample arrived at the laboratory, who received it and who analysed the sample.", it was written in that social media post. He allegedly didn't get an answer after submitting further inquiries and was denied the right to let the b-sample be analysed by another laboratory. Sturm claimed that the WBA refrained from suspending him because of these irregularities. [14]


On 19 December 2020, Sturm had his first fight since February 2016. Sturm dominated opponent Timo Rost throughout the fight and earned a unanimous decision victory, winning wide on all three scorecards. Two of the judges scored the fight 100-90 and one judge scored it 99-91. [15]

Personal life

Sturm was born Adnan Ćatić in Leverkusen, Germany. His parents, Ćamil and Zahida, are ethnic Bosniaks who hail from Blagaj, Bosnia and Herzegovina, having emigrated to Germany in the 1970s. For marketing reasons, Ćatić started as a professional boxer under the stage name Felix Sturm. In addition to German citizenship, he also has Bosnian citizenship.

In May 2020, Sturm was jailed for tax evasion [16]

Professional boxing record

Professional record summary
52 fights42 wins7 losses
By knockout181
By decision246
No.ResultRecordOpponentTypeRound, timeDateLocationNotes
52Loss42–7–3Istvan SziliMD1226 Mar 2022Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany
51Win42–6–3James KraftUD1019 Jun 2021Universum Gym, Hamburg, Germany
50Win41–6–3Timo RostUD1019 Dec 2020Universum Gym, Hamburg, Germany
49Win40–6–3 Fedor Chudinov MD1220 Feb 2016König Pilsener Arena, Oberhausen, GermanyWon WBA (Super) super-middleweight title
48Loss39–6–3 Fedor Chudinov SD129 May 2015 Festhalle, Frankfurt, GermanyFor WBA (Regular) super-middleweight title
47Draw39–5–3 Robert Stieglitz SD128 Nov 2014Porsche-Arena, Stuttgart, Germany
46Loss39–5–2 Sam Soliman UD1231 May 2014König Palast, Krefeld, GermanyLost IBF middleweight title
45Win39–4–2 Darren Barker TKO2 (12), 2:097 Dec 2013Porsche-Arena, Stuttgart, GermanyWon IBF middleweight title
44Win38–4–2Predrag RadoševićTKO4 (12), 2:176 Jul 2013Westfalenhallen, Dortmund, Germany
43Loss37–4–2 Sam Soliman UD121 Feb 2013 ISS Dome, Düsseldorf, Germany
42Loss37–3–2 Daniel Geale SD121 Sep 2012König Pilsener Arena, Oberhausen, GermanyLost WBA (Super) middleweight title;
For IBF middleweight title
41Win37–2–2 Sebastian Zbik RTD9 (12), 3:0013 Apr 2012Lanxess Arena, Cologne, GermanyRetained WBA (Super) middleweight title
40Draw36–2–2 Martin Murray SD123 Dec 2011 SAP Arena, Mannheim, GermanyRetained WBA (Super) middleweight title
39Win36–2–1 Matthew Macklin SD1225 Jun 2011Lanxess Arena, Cologne, GermanyRetained WBA (Super) middleweight title
38Win35–2–1 Ronald Hearns TKO7 (12), 0:4819 Feb 2011Porsche-Arena, Stuttgart, GermanyRetained WBA (Super) middleweight title
37Win34–2–1 Giovanni Lorenzo UD124 Sep 2010 Lanxess Arena, Cologne, GermanyRetained WBA (Super) middleweight title
36Win33–2–1 Khoren Gevor UD1211 Jul 2009 Nürburgring, Nürburg, GermanyRetained WBA middleweight title
35Win32–2–1Koji SatoTKO7 (12), 2:4625 Apr 2009 König Palast, Krefeld, GermanyRetained WBA middleweight title
34Win31–2–1 Sebastian Sylvester UD121 Nov 2008König Pilsener Arena, Oberhausen, GermanyRetained WBA middleweight title
33Win30–2–1 Randy Griffin UD127 Jul 2008Gerry Weber Stadion, Halle, GermanyRetained WBA middleweight title
32Win29–2–1Jamie PittmanTKO7 (12), 0:365 Apr 2008Burg-Wächter Castello, Düsseldorf, GermanyRetained WBA middleweight title
31Draw28–2–1 Randy Griffin SD1220 Oct 2007 Gerry Weber Stadion, Halle, GermanyRetained WBA middleweight title
30Win28–2 Noé González Alcoba UD1230 Jun 2007 Porsche-Arena, Stuttgart, GermanyRetained WBA middleweight title
29Win27–2 Javier Castillejo UD1228 Apr 2007 König Pilsener Arena, Oberhausen, GermanyWon WBA middleweight title
28Win26–2Gavin ToppTKO6 (10), 1:082 Dec 2006Estrel Hotel, Berlin, Germany
27Loss25–2 Javier Castillejo TKO10 (12), 2:4715 Jul 2006Color Line Arena, Hamburg, GermanyLost WBA middleweight title
26Win25–1 Maselino Masoe UD1211 Mar 2006 Color Line Arena, Hamburg, GermanyWon WBA middleweight title
25Win24–1Jorge SendraUD1218 Jun 2005 Pula Arena, Pula, CroatiaRetained WBO Inter-Continental middleweight title
24Win23–1 Bert Schenk TKO2 (12), 2:015 Mar 2006Wilhelm-Dopatka-Halle, Leverkusen, GermanyRetained WBO Inter-Continental middleweight title
23Win22–1 Hacine Cherifi KO3 (8), 2:064 Dec 2004Estrel Hotel, Berlin, Germany
22Win21–1Robert FrazierUD1218 Sep 2004Wilhelm-Dopatka-Halle, Leverkusen, GermanyWon vacant WBO Inter-Continental middleweight title
21Loss20–1 Oscar De La Hoya UD12 5 Jun 2004 MGM Grand Garden Arena, Paradise, Nevada, USLost WBO middleweight title
20Win20–0Ruben VaronUD1220 Dec 2003 Ostseehalle, Kiel, GermanyRetained WBO middleweight title
19Win19–0 Héctor Javier Velazco SD1213 Sep 2003Estrel Hotel, Berlin, GermanyWon WBO middleweight title
18Win18–0Roberto Mario VecchioTKO5 (12)12 Jul 2003 Wilhelm-Dopatka-Halle, Leverkusen, GermanyWon vacant WBO Inter-Continental middleweight title
17Win17–0Tshepo MashegoUD1010 May 2003 Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle, Stuttgart, GermanyRetained IBF Youth middleweight title
16Win16–0Javier Alberto MamaniUD108 Mar 2003 Preussag Arena, Hanover, GermanyWon vacant IBF Youth middleweight title
15Win15–0Lorant SzaboUD823 Nov 2002Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany
14Win14–0Anton LascekTKO3 (8), 2:005 Oct 2002 Főnix Hall, Debrecen, Hungary
13Win13–0Terry TockKO114 Sep 2002Volkswagen Halle, Braunschweig, Germany
12Win12–0Gyorgy BugyikTKO2 (6)20 Jul 2002 Westfalenhallen, Dortmund, Germany
11Win11–0Didier Nkuku MupekoPTS66 Apr 2002Universum Gym, Hamburg, Germany
10Win10–0Robert DavisPTS615 Dec 2001 Estrel Hotel, Berlin, Germany
9Win9–0Mario LuppKO1 (6)24 Nov 2001Universum Gym, Hamburg, Germany
8Win8–0Francesco PerniceTKO4 (6)3 Nov 2001Hansehalle, Lübeck, Germany
7Win7–0Anthony IvoryPTS629 Sep 2001Universum Gym, Hamburg, Germany
6Win6–0Mustapha StiniPTS421 Jul 2001Tivoli Eissporthalle, Aachen, Germany
5Win5–0Zdenek ZubkoKO2 (6)16 Jun 2001 Kisstadion, Budapest, Hungary
4Win4–0Ramdane KaouaneTKO1 (4)5 May 2001 Volkswagen Halle, Braunschweig, Germany
3Win3–0Bendele IlungaPTS47 Apr 2001Universum Gym, Hamburg, Germany
2Win2–0Slavomir DendisKO1 (4)24 Feb 2001 Alsterdorfer Sporthalle, Hamburg, Germany
1Win1–0Antonio RibeiroPTS427 Jan 2001 Rudi-Sedlmayer-Halle, Munich, Germany

Television viewership


DateFightViewership (avg.)Source(s)
11 March 2006
Felix Sturm vs. Maselino Masoe
20 October 2007
Felix Sturm vs. Randy Griffin I
7 July 2008
Felix Sturm vs. Randy Griffin II
5 April 2008
Felix Sturm vs. Jamie Pittman
4 September 2010
Felix Sturm vs. Giovanni Lorenzo
19 February 2011
Felix Sturm vs. Ronald Hearns
25 June 2011
Felix Sturm vs. Matthew Macklin
3 December 2011
Felix Sturm vs. Martin Murray
31 May 2014
Felix Sturm vs. Sam Soliman II
Total viewership43,230,000

US pay-per-view bouts

June 4, 2004
De La Hoya vs. Sturm Collision Course 380,000 [25] HBO
Total buys380,000

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Sporting positions
Regional boxing titles
New title IBF Youth
middleweight champion

8 March 2003 – July 2003
Title next held by
Domenico Spada
Title last held by
András Gálfi
WBO Inter-Continental
middleweight champion

12 July 2003 – 13 September 2003
Won world title
Title next held by
Mariano Natalio Carrera
Title last held by
Mariano Natalio Carrera
WBO Inter-Continental
middleweight champion

18 September 2004 – December 2005
Title next held by
Khoren Gevor
World boxing titles
Preceded by WBO middleweight champion
13 September 13, 2003 – 5 June 2004
Succeeded by
Preceded by WBA middleweight champion
Regular title

11 March 11, 2006 – 15 July 2006
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Javier Castillejo
WBA middleweight champion
28 April 2007 – March 2010
Succeeded byas Regular champion;
promoted from interim status
Title last held by
Jermain Taylor
as Undisputed champion;
WBA middleweight champion
Super title

March 2010 – 1 September 2012
Succeeded by
Preceded by IBF middleweight champion
7 December 2013 – 31 May 2014
Succeeded by
Preceded by WBA super-middleweight champion
Super title

20 February 2016 – 5 October 2016
Title next held by
George Groves