First Class Thieves

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First Class Thieves
Directed by Fadil Hadžić
Produced byJozo Patljak
Written byFadil Hadžić
Starring Goran Grgić
Emir Hadžihafizbegović
Mladen Vulić
Franjo Dijak
Boro Stjepanović
Music by Mate Matišić
CinematographyMiodrag Trajković
Edited byDubravko Slunjski
Alka film
Release date
20 July 2005
Running time
91 minutes

First Class Thieves (Croatian : Lopovi prve klase) is a Croatian comedy film directed by Fadil Hadžić. It was released in 2005.


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Education in Croatia is a right defended by Article 66 of the Constitution which states that everyone is entitled to free compulsory education under equal conditions and in accordance with their aptitudes. Education is mandatory for children aged 6 to 15.

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