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Florence Oberle
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Born(1869-12-06)December 6, 1869
DiedJuly 10, 1943(1943-07-10) (aged 73)
Occupation Actress

Florence Oberle (December 6, 1869 – July 10, 1943) was a stage and film actress from Tarrytown, New York. [1] [2]



Born in 1869, Oberle appeared on the New York City stage in Morosco Theatre and David Belasco productions until 1915. She was once billed as the most beautiful woman on the American stage. In California Oberle played opposite theatrical stars like Edward Everett Horton and Trixie Friganza. Her last appearance on stage came in 1931, performing with Jane Cowl in Camille.

In 1915 Oberle signed with Essanay Studios, a pioneer film studio of the silent movie era. She also performed with Charles Ray and various Hollywood actors at Keystone Studios, Triangle Studios, and Famous Players. Among her films are The White Sister (1915), When My Lady Smiles (1915), Separating From Sarah (1916), The Invisible Web (1917), Her Country First (1918), and Smudge (1922).

Oberle lived for many years in Chicago, Illinois. When she retired she came to reside in Los Angeles, California, in 1931. Her home was at 1237 West 96th Street. She was the widow of Thomas Oberle, a matinee idol who died in the early years of the twentieth century.

Florence Oberle died at the Little Romano Sanitarium in North Glendale, California, in 1943. She was seventy-three years old.

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