Floris IV, Count of Holland

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Floris IV
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Count of Holland
Reign1222 - 19 July 1234
Predecessor Wiliam I
Successor William II
BornJune 24, 1210
The Hague, Holland
(now The Hague, Netherlands)
Died19 July 1234(1234-07-19) (aged 24)
Corbie, France
Spouse Matilde of Brabant
House Holland
Father William I, Count of Holland
Mother Adelaide of Guelders
Religion Roman Catholicism

Floris IV (24 June 1210 – 19 July 1234) was the count of Holland from 1222 to 1234. He was born in The Hague, a son of William I of Holland and his first wife, Adelaide of Guelders.

Floris succeeded his father in 1222. His regent was Baldwin of Bentheim. He acquired the Land of Altena. He had constant disputes with the bishop of Utrecht, Otto II of Lippe, but helped him against the peasants of Drenthe in 1227. Floris fought in the crusade against the Stedinger north of Bremen in 1234.

On 19 July 1234, he was killed at a tournament in Corbie, France. He was buried at Rijnsburg Abbey.


Floris married, before 6 December 1224, his stepaunt Matilda, daughter of Duke Henry I of Brabant.

They had the following children:

  1. William II, Count of Holland (12271256), married Elisabeth of Brunswick-Luneburg; parents of Floris V, Count of Holland
  2. Floris de Voogd (ca. 1228 – 1258), Regent of Holland in 1256–1258.
  3. Adelaide of Holland (ca. 12301284), Regent of Holland in 1258–1263 married John I of Avesnes, Count of Hainaut.
  4. Margaret (d. 1277), married Count Herman I of Henneberg-Coburg
  5. Machteld
Preceded by
William I
Count of Holland
Succeeded by
William II

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