Football Association of Serbia

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Football Association of Serbia
Fudbalski savez Srbije.svg
104 years ago
 (1919) (as FSJ)
17 years ago
 (2006) (as FSS)
Headquarters Belgrade
FIFA affiliation1921;
102 years ago
 (1921) (temporary)
100 years ago
 (1923) (permanent)
UEFA affiliation1954
President Dragan Džajić

The Football Association of Serbia (Serbian Cyrillic : Фудбалски савез Србије, ФСС / Fudbalski savez Srbije, FSS) is the governing body of football in Serbia, based in Belgrade. It organizes Serbian football leagues, namely the Serbian Superliga, the Serbia national football team, as well as the Second Leagues.


FSS was part of the Football Association of Yugoslavia, which was founded in 1919 in Zagreb then the new Football Association of Serbia and Montenegro in 2003. It was established as Football Association of Serbia in 2006 after the split of Montenegro and Serbia as two different independent countries. Javier Clemente was appointed the first coach of the Serbia national football team. The current head coach is Dragan Stojković. [1]


After receiving 150 proposals, in December 2006, the commission has decided to accept solution submitted by the Belgrade architect Nikola Vujisić.[ citation needed ] Next to new Serbian Army symbols, Serbian Football Association has revived the smallest element of the Serbian Coat of arms. The white cross and 4 firesteelers are on a red background shield, with the golden frame and golden ball in the middle of the cross. Cyrillic name of the country (Србија) is above in white on golden background. The flag of the Serbian FA is blue, with the golden fringe for indoor use, and the new emblem in the middle.

Current champions

National League Crvena zvezda (2022–23) Spartak Subotica (2022–23)
National Cup Crvena zvezda (2022–23) Spartak Subotica (2022–23)

Current head coaches

As of 3 March 2021

Association presidents

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