Forget Him (Teresa Teng song)

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"Forget Him
Song by Teresa Teng
from the album 勢不兩立
Language Cantonese
Released1980 (1980)
Genre Cantopop
Songwriter(s) James Wong

"Forget Him" (Chinese :忘記他) is a Cantonese pop song written by Hong Kong media personality James Wong. It was originally sung by Teresa Teng and was included in her first Cantonese album, Sai Bat Leung Laap (勢不兩立) (1980). [1]

Fifteen years later, the song was covered by Shirley Kwan, as part of her 1995 tribute album 'EX' All Time Favourites . This new Dream pop version was featured in Wong Kar-wai's art house movie Fallen Angels (1995) as the Jukebox song number "1818." As the title suggested, the hitman played by Leon Lai wanted his accomplice, Michelle Reis, to forget him. [2]

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