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Françoise Vatel (born Françoise Watel, 28 November 1937, Clichy, Hauts-de-Seine 24 October 2005 in Soissons) was a French actress.

Clichy, Hauts-de-Seine Commune in Île-de-France, France

Clichy is a commune in the northwestern suburbs of Paris, France. It is located on the Seine River and 6.4 km (4.0 mi) from the center of Paris.

Soissons Subprefecture and commune in Hauts-de-France, France

Soissons is a commune in the northern French department of Aisne, in the region of Hauts-de-France. Located on the Aisne River, about 100 kilometres (62 mi) northeast of Paris, it is one of the most ancient towns of France, and is probably the ancient capital of the Suessiones. Soissons is also the see of an ancient Roman Catholic diocese, whose establishment dates from about 300, and it was the location of a number of church synods called "Council of Soissons".


Vatel began her film career at the age of 16 in Jean Gourguet's Les Premiers outrages, and she worked with the director again in Les promesses dangeureuses, La Putain sentimentale and Les frangines. She worked then in the theatre, playing for several years in Claude Magnier's Oscar. She appeared also in films of the Nouvelle Vague, in Luc Moullet's Brigitte et Brigitte and Les Contrebandières and Claude Chabrol's Les Cousins among others.

Jean Gourguet was a French film director, screenwriter and film producer.

Luc Moullet French film director

Luc Moullet is a French film critic and filmmaker, and a member of the Nouvelle Vague or French New Wave. Moullet's films are known for their humor, anti-authoritarian leanings and rigorously primitive aesthetic, which is heavily influenced by his love of American B-movies.

<i>Brigitte et Brigitte</i> 1966 film by Luc Moullet

Brigitte et Brigitte is a 1966 French feature-length film written and directed by Cahiers du cinéma film critic Luc Moullet. Moullet's debut film, Brigitte et Brigitte was praised upon release by one-time colleague Jean-Luc Godard as being a "revolutionary film."

Selected filmography


Marcel Carné 1906-1996 French film director

Marcel Carné was a French film director. A key figure in the poetic realism movement, Carné's best known films include Port of Shadows (1938), Le Jour Se Lève (1939), The Devil's Envoys (1942) and Children of Paradise (1945), the last of which has been cited as one of the greatest films of all time.

Maria Vincent (1929–2001) was a French film actress and singer.

<i>Les Cousins</i> (film) 1959 film by Philippe de Broca, Claude Chabrol

Les Cousins is a 1959 French New Wave drama film directed by Claude Chabrol. It tells the story of two cousins, the decadent Paul and the naive Charles. Charles falls in love with Florence, one of Paul's friends. It won the Golden Bear at the 9th Berlin International Film Festival.


Les Cinq Dernières Minutes(The Last Five Minutes) is a crime based French television series, created by Claude Loursais, broadcast from 1 January 1958 till 20 December 1996. The show was aired in four series on several channels.

Albert Husson was a French playwright and theatre director.

Sacha Pitoëff was a French film actor and theatre director.

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