Francis Perry Elliott

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Francis Perry Elliott (July 29, 1861 – 1924) was a writer and educator. [1] Some of his works were adapted to film. His novel Pals First was staged [2] and adapted into two films. Frederick Townsend Martin illustrated his book The Haunted Pajamas . [3]


Early life

Elliott was born on July 29, 1861, in Nashville, Tennessee. His parents were William F. and Mary E. Elliott. [1]

Elliott attended Montgomery Bell Academy and Vanderbilt University. [1]


From 1883 to 1890, Elliot worked at schools in Tennessee and Mississippi, either as a teacher or superintendent. In Jackson, Tennessee, Elliot was head of a high school. [1]

Elliot worked as a professor of English literature at Belmont University for six years. [1]

From 1896 to 1898, Elliot was headmaster of a school in Tarrytown, New York. [1]

From 1898 to 1900, Elliot was associated with the publisher Harper Brothers. [1]

Elliot edited magazines including Home, The New Age , and The Great Southwest . [1]

Personal life

Elliott married Winifred McKenzie Payne of Keokuk, Iowa on September 22, 1897. [1]



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