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Franz von Paula Schrank.
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Beyträge zur Naturgeschichte.

Franz von Paula Schrank (21 August 1747, in Vornbach – 22 December 1835) was a German priest, botanist and entomologist.


He was ordained as a priest in Vienna in 1784, gaining his doctorate in theology two years later. In 1786 he was named chair of mathematics and physics at the lyceum in Amberg, and in 1784 became a professor of botany and zoology at the University of Ingolstadt (later removed to Landshut). [1] Schrank was the first director of the botanical gardens in Munich from 1809 to 1832.

Schrank was the first author to use the genus name Triops , which he used in his work on the fauna of Bavaria in 1803.

The standard author abbreviation Schrank is used to indicate this person as the author when citing a botanical name. [2]


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