Fred Fredericks

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Fred Fredericks
Born Harold Fredericks, Jr.
August 9, 1929
Died March 10, 2015(2015-03-10) (aged 85)
Nationality American
Area(s) Penciller, Inker
Notable works
Mandrake the Magician, The Phantom, Nth Man

Harold "Fred" Fredericks, Jr. (August 9, 1929 – March 10, 2015) was an American cartoonist, who drew the Mandrake the Magician comic strip from June 1965, taking over for the late Phil Davis. Creator Lee Falk modernized the comic when Fredericks took over the strip, making it more reality-based by focusing less on science fiction and fantasy, and making Mandrake operate more like a secret agent, often helping out the police with cases they could not solve.

Cartoonist visual artist who makes cartoons

A cartoonist is a visual artist who specializes in drawing cartoons. This work is often created for entertainment, political commentary, or advertising. Cartoonists may work in many formats, such as booklets, comic strips, comic books, editorial cartoons, graphic novels, manuals, gag cartoons, graphic design, illustrations, storyboards, posters, shirts, books, advertisements, greeting cards, magazines, newspapers, and video game packaging.

<i>Mandrake the Magician</i> fictional character

Mandrake the Magician was a syndicated newspaper comic strip, created by Lee Falk. Mandrake began publication on June 11, 1934. Phil Davis soon took over as the strip's illustrator, while Falk continued to script. The strip is distributed by King Features Syndicate.

Phil Davis (cartoonist) artist

Philip Davis, better known as Phil Davis, was an American artist who illustrated Mandrake the Magician, written by Lee Falk. Davis was born in St. Louis, Missouri.

Fredericks is also well known for inking The Phantom Sunday strips 1995 to 2000 (pencilled by George Olesen); Graham Nolan succeeded Fredericks when he decided to concentrate fully on Mandrake.

<i>The Phantom</i> comic strip

The Phantom is an American adventure comic strip, first published by Lee Falk in February 1936. The main character, the Phantom, is a fictional costumed crime-fighter who operates from the fictional African country of Bangalla. The character has been adapted for television, film and video games.

George Olesen was an American comic book artist, best known for his work as a penciller on popular comic strip The Phantom. He worked with the character for around forty years, although he did not get any official credit for it until penciller Sy Barry retired and Keith Williams took over as the new inker.

Graham Nolan artist

Graham Nolan is an American comic book artist, best known for work for DC Comics on Batman-related titles in the 1990s and his work on The Phantom Sunday strip. He frequently collaborates with writer Chuck Dixon.

He was also known for writing the comic strip "Rebel" for Scholastic Magazine from 1964 to the early 1990s, and for drawing the following comic books: Nancy , Boris Karloff, The Twilight Zone , Mighty Mouse, Barney Google and Snuffy Smith , O.G. Whiz presents Tubby,Bullwinkle, Mister Ed and The Munsters. [1] Fredericks also inked several comic books for Marvel Comics and DC Comics, including The Punisher War Journal , Nth Man: the Ultimate Ninja , Defenders of the Earth , Daredevil , Quasar and G.I. Joe .

Twilight Zone literature is an umbrella term for the many books and comic books which concern or adapt The Twilight Zone television series.

<i>Barney Google and Snuffy Smith</i> comic strip

Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, originally Take Barney Google, F'rinstance, is an American comic strip created by cartoonist Billy DeBeck. Since its debut on June 17, 1919, the strip has gained a large international readership, appearing in 900 newspapers in 21 countries. The initial appeal of the strip led to its adaptation to film, animation, popular song and television. It added several terms and phrases to the English language and inspired the 1923 hit tune "Barney Google " with lyrics by Billy Rose, as well as the 1923 record, "Come On, Spark Plug!"

The inker is one of the two line artists in traditional comic book production.

After Mandrake creator Lee Falk died in 1999, Fredericks became responsible for writing the scripts for the Mandrake strip by himself. The Mandrake Sunday page continued until the final (187th) story, "Shadows on Devil Road", ending December 29, 2002.

Sunday comics

The Sunday comics or Sunday strip is the comic strip section carried in most western newspapers, almost always in color. Many newspaper readers called this section the Sunday funnies, the funny papers or simply the funnies.

In 2013, Fredericks retired, and the Mandrake daily comic strip went into reprints from 1995 beginning on July 8, 2013. He died March 10, 2015. [2] [3]

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Seymour "Sy" Barry is an American comic-book and comic-strip artist, best known for his work on the strip The Phantom, which he inked for more than three decades.

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The Amazing Spider-Man is a daily comic strip featuring the character Spider-Man. It is a dramatic, soap opera style strip with story arcs which typically run for 8 to 12 weeks. While the strip uses many of the same characters as the Spider-Man comic book, the storylines are nearly all originals and do not share the same continuity. A consistently popular strip, it has been published since 1977.

Phantom (comics) fictional character from The Phantom comic strip

The Phantom is a fictional costumed crime-fighter who operates from the fictional country of Bangalla. The character was created by Lee Falk for the adventure comic strip The Phantom, which debuted in newspapers on February 17, 1936. The Phantom was later depicted in many forms of media, including television shows, movies, and video games.

Notable events of 1934 in comics. See also List of years in comics.

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Hermes Press is an American publisher of art books, comic books, and comic book reprints. The company was founded in 2001 and is best known for their archival reprints of classic comic book and strip series and art books. Over the last 10 years Hermes Press has published over 100 titles.

The Amazing Spider-Man: The Ultimate Newspaper Comics Collection is a series of books collecting the complete run of The Amazing Spider-Man newspaper comic strips by Marvel Comics, an American comic strip title which debuted on January 3, 1977. It was first syndicated by Register and Tribune Syndicate (1977–1985), later Cowles Media Company (1986), and currently King Features Syndicate (1987–onwards). The series launched in 2015 and is published by The Library of American Comics.