Fred Montague

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Fred Montague
London, England
Died3 July 1919 (aged 5455)
Years active1912–1919

Fred Montague (1864 3 July 1919) was an English film actor of the silent era. [1] He appeared in more than 50 films between 1912 and 1919. He was born in London and died in Los Angeles, California.


Selected filmography

1914 The Ghost Breaker Gaspart, the ghost
The Man from Home Earl Of Hawcastle
What's His Name Fairfax
The Call of the North Jack Wilson
The Man on the Box Col. Raleigh
The Master Mind Henry Allen
The Squaw Man Mr. Petrieuncredited
Cameo Kirby Colonel Moreau
1915 Graft as Frederick Montague
A Gentleman of Leisure 'Big Phil' Creedonas Frederick Montague
1916 Barriers of Society Silas Gorham
1918 The Lure of the Circus Howard Mason
Fast Company Peter Van Huyler

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