Fremont Weir Wildlife Area

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Fremont Weir.

Fremont Weir Wildlife Area is 1,461 acres at the north end of the Yolo Bypass floodway along the Sacramento River in Sutter County and Yolo County. [1] It is 6 miles north-east of the city of Woodland [2] and 15 miles north of Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area and the nearby Sacramento Bypass Wildlife Area. Whenever water in the river exceeds the height of the weir the excess flow runs over the weir and down the Yolo Bypass floodway, thereby reducing the risks of flooding in the city of Sacramento and nearby urban areas along the river.

This flat, level Central Valley riparian habitat has an average elevation of 25 feet above sea level. It provides habitat for valley oaks, willows, sycamore, cottonwood trees, muskrat, river otter, pheasant, valley quail and waterfowl. [3] [4] Access from the east side by driving North from Highway 5 along the old river road on the west right descending bank side of the Sacramento River to Yolo County Road 16, then west on road 16 to east left descending bank levee of the Yolo Bypass. Road 16 is not paved and may be muddy during rainy season. Park where indicated on levee. Access from the west side is problematic. One may drive in from Knights Landing on Yolo County Road 16 and 16A. However, at the eastern end of 16A you will encounter a locked gate. You may walk in from the gate, but there is almost no place to park.

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The California Central Valley grasslands is a temperate grasslands, savannas, and shrublands ecoregion in California's Central Valley. It a diverse ecoregion containing areas of desert grassland, prairie, savanna, riparian forest, marsh, several types of seasonal vernal pools, and large lakes such as now-dry Tulare Lake, Buena Vista Lake, and Kern Lake.

Yolo Causeway

The Yolo Causeway is a 3.2-mile (5.1 km) long elevated highway viaduct on Interstate 80 that crosses the Yolo Bypass floodplain, connecting the cities of West Sacramento, California and Davis, California. It is officially named the Blecher-Freeman Memorial Causeway after two California Highway Patrol officers who were killed in the line of duty on the causeway.

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The Yolo Bypass is one of the two flood bypasses in California's Sacramento Valley located in Yolo and Solano Counties. Through a system of weirs, the bypass diverts floodwaters from the Sacramento River away from the state's capital city of Sacramento and other nearby riverside communities.

Broderick, California Place in California, United States

Broderick is a former town in Yolo County, California, United States, now forming part of the City of West Sacramento. It is located just west of the Sacramento River in the eastern portion of the county. Broderick's ZIP Code is 95605 and is in area codes 916 and 279. It lies at an elevation of 23 feet.

Vic Fazio Yolo Wildlife Area

The Vic Fazio Yolo Wildlife Area is a 3,700 acres (15 km2) wetland restoration project constructed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers and Ducks Unlimited within the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area located in the Yolo Bypass in Yolo County, California, between the cities of Sacramento and Davis. The Yolo Causeway, part of Interstate 80, runs through it. The restoration was named for Congressman Vic Fazio, who lobbied for the project and was instrumental in appropriating funds for the initial construction. The Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area was dedicated in 1997 by President Bill Clinton. The facility is managed by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife while the educational programs and public tours are administered by the Yolo Basin Foundation, which works to educate and inform the public.

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Putah Creek is a major stream in Northern California, a tributary of the Yolo Bypass, and ultimately, the Sacramento River. The 85-mile-long (137 km) creek has its headwaters in the Mayacamas Mountains, a part of the Coast Range, and flows east through two dams. First, Monticello Dam forms Lake Berryessa, below which Putah Creek forms the border of Yolo and Solano Counties, and then flows to the Putah Diversion Dam and Lake Solano. After several drought years in the late 1980s, the majority of Putah Creek went dry, prompting a landmark lawsuit that resulted in the signing of the Putah Creek Accord in 2000. The Accord established releases from the dams to maintain stream flows in Putah Creek, with natural flow regimes which spike in winter/spring and ebb in summer/fall. The restoration of natural flow regimes has resulted in a doubling of riparian bird species and a return of spawning native steelhead trout and Chinook salmon, as well as protecting the livelihood of farmers on the lower watershed.

Fremont, Yolo County, California Unincorporated community in California, United States

Fremont is an unincorporated community in Yolo County, California. It is located on the Sacramento River and Interstate 5 in the east-northeastern portion of the county. Fremont's ZIP Code is 95691 and its area code 530. It is located on the Sacramento Northern and Sacramento and Woodland Railroads 11 miles (18 km) northeast of Davis, at an elevation of 23 feet.

Valley elderberry longhorn beetle Subspecies of beetle

The valley elderberry longhorn beetle,, is a subspecies of longhorn beetle native to the riparian forests of the Central Valley of California from Redding to Bakersfield. It is listed as a federally threatened species; a proposal to delist the insect was withdrawn in 2014.

Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area Wildlife area

The Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area is located within the Yolo Bypass in Yolo County, California. The wildlife area is managed by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife with the intent of restoring and managing a variety of wildlife habitats in the Yolo Basin, a natural basin in the north part of the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. The creation of the wildlife area was spearheaded by the Yolo Basin Foundation. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife and Yolo Basin Foundation are the core partners in the operation of this unique community resource. Located at 38.550515°N 121.626291°W

Fremont Landing, California Former settlement in California, United States

Fremont Landing was a former settlement in Yolo County, California, United States. It was located on the Sacramento River 5.5 miles (8.9 km) east-southeast of Knights Landing, at an elevation of 26 feet.

There are 21 routes assigned to the "E" zone of the California Route Marker Program, which designates county routes in California. The "E" zone includes county highways in Alpine, Amador, Butte, Calaveras, El Dorado, Placer, Plumas, Sacramento, Solano, Tuolumne, Yolo, and Yuba counties.

Sutter Basin

The Sutter Basin is a 264 sq mi (680 km2) area of the Sacramento Valley in the U.S. state of California, and is part of the Feather River drainage basin. The basin includes the Sutter Basin Fire Protection District of ~127 sq mi (330 km2) and uses irrigation from the Thermalito Afterbay's Sutter-Butte Canal. The Feather River and the Sutter By-Pass are the basin's east and southwest borders.

2017 California floods

The 2017 California floods were a series of floods that affected parts of California in the first half of 2017. Northern California saw its wettest winter in almost a century, breaking the previous record set in the winter of 1982–83. Flooding related to the same storm systems also impacted parts of western Nevada and southern Oregon. Damage to California roads and highways alone was estimated at over $1.05 billion.

Transportation in the Sacramento metropolitan area Complex multi-modal network moving people and goods in the region of California’s state capital

Transportation in the Sacramento metropolitan area consists of a variety of different modes of travel in El Dorado County, Placer County, Sacramento County, and Yolo County, which are the four counties that comprise the Sacramento metropolitan area.


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