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Fukuoka City
Fukuoka night view.jpg
Watanabe-dori Street from Watanabe-4-Chome Crossing (North).JPG
Fukuoka Castle Simonohasi Otemon gate.JPG
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From top left: Seaside Momochi within Fukuoka Tower, Tenjin area in Chūō-ku, Fukuoka Castle, Hakozaki Shrine, Hakata Station, Bayside Place Hakata Port, and Fukuoka PayPay Dome
Flag of Fukuoka City.svg
Emblem of Fukuoka, Fukuoka.svg
Fukuoka City in Fukuoka Prefecture Ja.svg
Location of Fukuoka in Fukuoka Prefecture
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Location of Japan
Coordinates: 33°35′N130°24′E / 33.583°N 130.400°E / 33.583; 130.400 Coordinates: 33°35′N130°24′E / 33.583°N 130.400°E / 33.583; 130.400
Country Japan
Region Kyushu
Prefecture Fukuoka Prefecture
First official recorded57 AD
City SettledApril 1, 1889
  Mayor Sōichirō Takashima (since December 2010)
   Designated city 343.39 km2 (132.58 sq mi)
 (June 1, 2021)
   Designated city 1,603,543
  Density4,700/km2 (12,000/sq mi)
[1] (2015)
2,565,501 (5th)
Time zone UTC+9 (Japan Standard Time)
– Tree Camphor laurel
– Flower Camellia
– Bird Black-headed gull
Website www.city.fukuoka.lg.jp

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<span class="mw-page-title-main">Fukuoka Prefecture</span> Prefecture of Japan

Fukuoka Prefecture is a prefecture of Japan located on the island of Kyūshū. Fukuoka Prefecture has a population of 5,109,323 and has a geographic area of 4,986 km2. Fukuoka Prefecture borders Saga Prefecture to the southwest, Kumamoto Prefecture to the south, and Ōita Prefecture to the southeast.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Hakata-ku, Fukuoka</span> Ward in Kyushu, Japan

Hakata-ku (博多区) is a ward of the city of Fukuoka in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Chikushino, Fukuoka</span> City in Kyushu, Japan

Chikushino is a city in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. Bordering Dazaifu, Onojo, Nakagawa, Saga Prefecture, Ogori, Yasu, and Chikuho, Fukuoka, Chikushino is essentially a southern suburb of Fukuoka City. It was founded on April 1, 1972.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Kasuga, Fukuoka</span> City in Kyushu, Japan

Kasuga is a city located in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. As of August 31, 2016, the city has an estimated population of 112,894 and a population density of 7,978.37 persons per km². The total area is 14.15 km².

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Ōnojō</span> City in Kyushu, Japan

Ōnojō is an area located in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. Its name is made up of the kanji for 'big', 'field', and 'castle'. It is mostly a southern suburb of the city of Fukuoka, and has a border to the northwest with the Hakata-ku area of the city. It also shares borders with Dazaifu and Kasuga, Umi, Chikushino, Nakagawa and Shime. The border with Umi is marked by the summit of Otoganayama at 268 metres above sea level, a wide expanse of deciduous and bamboo forest, uninhabited except by the occasional snake. The Mikasa River flows through Ōnojō on its way to Hakata bay, with some of its tributaries such as Cow Neck River originating in the mountains in the south. Ducks, turtles, koi, egrets, herons and Japanese wagtails can be seen in or around the river, depending on the season.

Fukuoka is the capital city of Fukuoka Prefecture.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">2005 Fukuoka earthquake</span> Earthquake in Japan

The Fukuoka earthquake struck Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan at 10:53 am JST on March 20, 2005, and lasted for approximately 1 minute. The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) measured it as peaking at a magnitude of 7.0, whereas the United States Geological Survey (USGS) reported a magnitude of 6.6. The quake occurred along a previously unknown fault in the Genkai Sea, North of Fukuoka city, and the residents of Genkai Island were forced to evacuate as houses collapsed and landslides occurred in places. Investigations subsequent to the earthquake determined that the new fault was most likely an extension of the known Kego fault that runs through the centre of the city.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Fukuoka City Subway</span> Fukuoka City rapid transit lines

The Fukuoka City Subway serves Fukuoka, Japan. It consists of three subway lines, the Kūkō, or Airport Line, the Hakozaki Line and the Nanakuma Line).

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Nanakuma Line</span> Metro line in Fukuoka prefecture, Japan

The Nanakuma Line is a subway line, part of the Fukuoka City Subway system in Fukuoka, Japan. It runs from Hashimoto Station in Nishi Ward to Tenjin-Minami Station in Chūō Ward, all within Fukuoka. The line's color on maps is green. Officially, the line is called Line 3 . Like other Fukuoka City Subway lines, stations are equipped with automatic platform gates, and trains are automatically operated by ATO system.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">University of Toyama</span>

The University of Toyama is a Japanese national university in Toyama Prefecture established in 1949. The University of Toyama has three campuses, namely the Gofuku, Sugitani, and Takaoka campuses.

Fukuoka Women's Junior College is a private university junior college headquartered in Japan 4-16-1 Gojo Dazaifu, Fukuoka Prefecture. It was established in 1966. There is no relationship between the corporation and another similar names Fukuoka Women's University.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Takeshita Station</span> Railway station in Fukuoka, Japan

Takeshita Station is a railway station on the Kagoshima Main Line, operated by JR Kyushu in Hakata-ku, Fukuoka, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan.

Fukuyama City Junior College for Women is a public women's junior college in Fukuyama, Hiroshima, Japan, established in 1963.

Fukuoka Junior College for Kindergarten Teachers is a private junior college in Dazaifu, Fukuoka, Japan, established in 1975. The present name of the school was adopted in 2008.

Fukuoka College of Health Sciences is a private junior college in Fukuoka, Fukuoka, Japan, established in 1997.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Daigaku Station</span>

Daigaku Station is the railway station in Kawashimo-cho, Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture. It is operated by Matsuura Railway and is on the Nishi-Kyūshū Line.

Aso Fukuoka Junior College was a junior college in Dazaifu, Fukuoka, Japan.

Tokai University Fukuoka Junior College is a private junior college in Munakata, Fukuoka, Japan. The college opened in 1990, and is affiliated with Tokai University.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Maidashi</span>

Maidashi (馬出) is a district of Higashi-ku, Fukuoka, in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. It is divided into six chōme, numbered 1 to 6, with a total population of 8,813 and 5,341 households. The postal code for addresses in Maidashi is 812–0054. The "Maidashi" school district includes parts of the Higashi Hama district.

Kyushu Teikyo Junior College was a private junior college in Ōmuta, Fukuoka, Japan.


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"Fukuoka" in kanji