Fumio Karashima

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Fumio Karashima
Birth nameFumio Karashima (辛島文雄, Karashima Fumio)
Born(1948-03-09)9 March 1948
Oita, Japan
Died24 February 2017(2017-02-24) (aged 68)
Tokyo, Japan
Genres Jazz
Years active1975–2017
Associated acts Elvin Jones
Website www.pit-inn.com/karashima/en/

Fumio Karashima (辛島文雄, Karashima Fumio, 9 March 1948 – 24 February 2017) was a Japanese jazz pianist.


Life and career

Karashima began playing the piano at the age of three. [1] His father was a music teacher at Kyushu University; Karashima attended the same university. [1] He stayed in New York in 1973, but returned to Japan the next year. [1] In 1975 he joined drummer George Ohtsuka's band. [1] In 1980 he joined Elvin Jones' Jazz Machine, and stayed for five years, including for tours of Europe and the United States. [1] He then switched to being principally a solo pianist, but also led a quintet from 1988 to 1991. [1] During the 1990s he frequently toured internationally. [1] He died of cancer on 24 February 2017. [2]


An asterisk (*) after the year indicates that it is the year of release.

As leader/co-leader

Year recordedTitleLabelNotes
2015*Everything I LovePit InnSolo piano
2014*A Time for LovePit InnTrio, with Satsuki Kusui (bass), Nobuyuki Komatsu (drums)
2012*SummertimePit InnQuintet, with Atsushi Ikeda and Masanori Okazaki (sax), Satsuk Kusui (bass), Nobuyuki Komastsu (drums)
2010*E.J. BluesPit InnQuartet, with Masanori Okazaki (sax), Ryu Kawamura (bass), Takeo Moriyama (drums)
2008Moon RiverVideoArtsSolo piano
2005Great TimeVideoArtsTrio, with Drew Gress (bass), Jack DeJohnette (drums)
2003It's Just BeginningVideoArtsTrio, with Yosuke Inoue (bass), Shingo Okudaira (drums)
2002Grand New TouchVideoArtsDuo, with Kei Akagi (piano)
2001The Elysian AirVideoArtsTrio, with Yosuke Inoue (bass), Shingo Okudaira (drums)
1999*RencontreEmarcy, Polydor JapanDuet, with Toots Thielemans
1983Round MidnightAbsordQuartet, with Larry Coryell (guitar), Ikuo Sakurai (bass), Motohiko Hino (drums)
1982Elegant EveningAbsordTrio, with Ikuo Sakurai (bass), Motohiko Hino (drums)
1981A Child in the WindAbsordTrio, with Richard Davis (bass), George Ohtsuka (drums)
1980ShoAbsordTrio, with Nobuyoshi Ino (bass), George Ohtsuka (drums)
1978Hot IslandsAbsordQuartet, with Mabumi Yamaguchi (sax), Miroslav Vitous (bass), George Ohtsuka (drums)
1978MoonflowerAbsordTrio, with Andy McCloud (bass), Elvin Jones (drums)
1977Gathering Three Blind Mice Most tracks trio, with Isao Suzuki (bass), George Ohtsuka (drums); one track solo piano
1977Landscape Whynot Trio, with George Mraz (bass), Motohiko Hino (drums)
1975PiranhaWhynotTrio, with Isao Suzuki (bass), Jimmy Hopps (drums)

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Yutaka Shiina is a Japanese jazz pianist and composer.

Fumio Itabashi is a Japanese pianist and composer.


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