Gábor Pogány

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Gábor Pogány
Born(1915-10-28)28 October 1915
Died30 October 1999(1999-10-30) (aged 84) [1]
Years active1941 - 1991

Gábor Pogány (1915–1999) was a Hungarian-born Italian cinematographer. Born in Budapest and educated in Britain, Pogány emigrated to Italy and spent much of his career in the country. He worked on over a hundred films during his career, mainly Italian films as well as some international productions. He worked frequently with the director Vittorio De Sica on films such as Two Women (1960). [2] In 1960 he won a Nastro d'Argento for best cinematography for his work in Alessandro Blasetti's European Nights . [3]


Pogány's son Cristiano Pogany was also a cinematographer, who was born in 1947, Rome, Lazio, Italy and died on 18 February 1999, aged 52, in Rome, Lazio, Italy.

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