Gabriela (1942 film)

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Directed byMiroslav Josef Krnanský
Written byMiroslav Josef Krnanský
Vladimír Neff
StarringMarie Glázrová
Karel Höger
Vladimír Leraus
Music by Jaroslav Křička
Milos Smatek
CinematographyVáclav Hanus
Edited byMarie Bourová
Distributed byNationalfilm
Release date
13 February 1942
Running time
80 minutes
Language Czech

Gabriela is a 1942 Czech drama film directed by Miroslav Josef Krnanský and starring Marie Glázrová, Karel Höger and Vladimír Leraus. [1]


It was made in Prague during the German occupation of Czechoslovakia. The film's sets were designed by the art director Alois Mecera.


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