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Gagarin may refer to Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin (1934–1968), the first man to travel in outer space.


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Vostok 1 First human spaceflight in history

Vostok 1 was the first spaceflight of the Vostok programme and the first human spaceflight in history. The Vostok 3KA space capsule was launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome on April 12, 1961, with Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin aboard, making him the first human to cross into outer space.

Yuri Gagarin Soviet pilot and cosmonaut, first human in space

Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin  was a Soviet pilot and cosmonaut who became the first human to journey into outer space, achieving a major milestone in the Space Race; his capsule, Vostok 1, completed one orbit of Earth on 12 April 1961. Gagarin became an international celebrity and was awarded many medals and titles, including Hero of the Soviet Union, his nation's highest honour.

Gherman Titov Soviet cosmonaut

Gherman Stepanovich Titov was a Soviet cosmonaut who, on 6 August 1961, became the second human to orbit the Earth, aboard Vostok 2, preceded by Yuri Gagarin on Vostok 1. He was the fourth person in space, counting suborbital voyages of US astronauts Alan Shepard and Gus Grissom. A month short of 26 years old at launch, he remains the youngest person to fly in space.

Timeline of space travel by nationality

Since the first human spaceflight by the Soviet Union, citizens of 41 countries have flown in space. For each nationality, the launch date of the first mission is listed. The list is based on the nationality of the person at the time of the launch. Only 3 of the 41 "first flyers" have been women. Only three nations have launched their own crewed spacecraft, with the Soviets/Russians and the American programs providing rides to other nations' astronauts. Twenty-seven "first flights" occurred on Soviet or Russian flights while the United States carried thirteen.

Smolensk Oblast First-level administrative division of Russia

Smolensk Oblast (Russian: Смоле́нская о́бласть, Smolenskaya oblast; informal name — Smolenschina is a federal subject of Russia. Its administrative centre is the city of Smolensk. As of the 2010 Census, its population was 985,537.

Gagarin, Smolensk Oblast Town in Smolensk Oblast, Russia

Gagarin, known until 1968 as Gzhatsk (Гжатск), is a town and the administrative center of Gagarinsky District of Smolensk Oblast, Russia, located on the Gzhat River, 240 kilometers (150 mi) northeast of Smolensk, the administrative center of the oblast. Population: 31,721 (2010 Census); 28,789 (2002 Census); 28,867 (1989 Census).

Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center Cosmonaut training faciliity

The Yuri A. Gagarin State Scientific Research-and-Testing Cosmonaut Training Center is a Russian training facility responsible for training cosmonauts for their space missions. It is in Star City of Moscow Oblast, a name which may refer to the facility itself or to its grounds.


Klushino is a village in Smolensk Oblast, Russia. It is situated on the old road between Vyazma and Mozhaysk, not far from Gzhatsk, and it was the site of a major battle during the Polish–Muscovite War (1605–18).

Volkov, or Volkova, is a common Russian surname. It is derived from the word волк.

Korolyov, also transliterated as Korolev or Korolov, or its feminine variant Korolyova, Koroleva, Korolova (Королёва), is a common Russian surname, and the name of multiple places in Russia. It is derived from the word korol (король), meaning "king".

Gagarinsky (masculine), Gagarinskaya (feminine), or Gagarinskoye (neuter) may refer to:

Gagarinsky District Index of articles associated with the same name

Gagarinsky District is the name of several administrative and municipal districts in Russia.

Nadezhda Rumyantseva

Nadezhda Vasilyevna Rumyantseva was a popular Soviet and Russian actress. People’s Artist of the RSFSR (1991).

Lebedev, or Lebedeva is a common Russian family name derived from the word лебедь.

Gagarinsky District, Smolensk Oblast District in Smolensk Oblast, Russia

Gagarinsky District is an administrative and municipal district (raion), one of the twenty-five in Smolensk Oblast, Russia. It is located in the northeast of the oblast. The area of the district is 2,904.59 square kilometers (1,121.47 sq mi). Its administrative center is the town of Gagarin. Population: 48,928 ; 46,401 (2002 Census); 21,978 (1989 Census). The population of Gagarin accounts for 64.8% of the district's total population.

Dubinino is the name of several inhabited localities in Russia.

Yelnya is the name of several inhabited localities in Russia.

Shchyokino or Shchekino (Щекино) is the name of several inhabited localities in Russia.

Gagarin or Gagarina is the name of several inhabited localities in Russia.

Cité Gagarine

Cité Gagarine was a housing project in Ivry-sur-Seine, France. It was built by the Communist Party of France government starting in 1961 and inaurated in 1963, and was a symbol of the vibrancy of Communism in France at the time. It was named for the Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, the first human who went to space. Gagarin attended the inauguration of the housing project in 1963.