Gain-ground (game)

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Games of gain-ground
French championship of Ballon au poing
2009 - Amiens
Team members2 per team - 7 per team
Olympic Longue paume was part of the Paris 1900 Summer Olympics
Real tennis in 1908

Games of gain-ground are team sports which are played with a small ball or a balloon. They are often outdoors on a "ballodrome" but can also be played indoors.


Among these games, longue paume and real tennis are the most well-known because they are played with rackets. The rules change a little depending on the game but the basic rules remain identical from one game to the other.

Games of gain-ground are characterized in particular by the use of "chasses". Chasses indicate the limit between both teams or in real tennis a limit to score a point. Points are counted as in tennis: 15, 30, 40 and set.

Games of gain-ground

The two chasses (red and blue) Ches deus caches-2.png
The two chasses (red and blue)

Two games in "Jeu de paume":

These sports are practised in Hauts-de-France and Belgium:

but also in Spain  :

or in the world:



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    Jeu de paume, nowadays known as real tennis, (US) court tennis or courte paume, is a ball-and-court game that originated in France. It was an indoor precursor of tennis played without racquets, though these were eventually introduced. It is a former Olympic sport, and has the oldest ongoing annual world championship in sport, first established over 250 years ago.

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    The International game is a ball game modality that joins up many sports allegedly derived from the Jeu de paume. It's played in the Handball International Championships by teams from the Americas and Europe.

    The International Ball game Confederation, founded on May 13, 1928, is the organization that manages the common activities of the many ball game deriving from the Jeu de paume.

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    Balle à la main

    Balle à la main is a traditional Picard sport. It is a team sport with two teams of seven players on a called field " ballodrome ". It is a game of gain-ground as Longue paume, which takes place in Picardy. Balle à la main is played on a rectangular field of 65 meters by 12 meters. As all the ballodromes of the games of gain-ground, we find on the field a line of fire and a rope.

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    Located on the shore of Lake Geneva between the cities of Vevey and Montreux, the Swiss Museum Games in La Tour-de-Peilz is dedicated to the preservation, research and dissemination of various forms of parlor games. Unlike many other museums in the world, the Swiss Museum of Games distinguishes the "game" from "toys". It is the oldest of its kind and unique in Europe. The collection spans more than 10,000 games, from antiquity to the present and from all over the world.