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Gamer Network Limited
Eurogamer Network Limited (1999–2013)
Industry Mass media
Founded1999;21 years ago (1999)
  • Rupert Loman
  • Nick Loman
Key people
  • Rupert Loman (CEO)
  • Simon Maxwell (MD)
Parent ReedPOP (2018–present)

Gamer Network Limited (formerly Eurogamer Network Limited) is a British mass media company based in Brighton. Founded in 1999 by Rupert and Nick Loman, it owns brands—primarily editorial websites—relating to video game journalism and other video game businesses. Its flagship website, Eurogamer , was launched alongside the company. In February 2018, Gamer Network was acquired by ReedPOP.


Gamer Network also organises the EGX trade fair. [1]


Gamer Network was founded under the name Eurogamer Network in 1999 by brothers Rupert and Nick Loman. [2] It was formed alongside the opening of its flagship website, Eurogamer , which itself launched on 4 September 1999. [2] [3] Nick Loman left the business in 2004 to pursue a career in medicine and "competitive BBQ". [4]

In February 2011, Eurogamer Network acquired American publishing house Hammersuit, alongside its and websites. [5] On 1 March 2013, in line with the international expansion, Eurogamer Network announced that it had changed its name to Gamer Network. [6] As part of the rebranding, Eurogamer Events was renamed Gamer Events, while Hammersuit also adopted the Gamer Network name. [6] In October, Simon Maxwell was promoted from group publishing director to chief operating officer. [7]

On 26 February 2018, it was announced that ReedPOP, the division of Reed Exhibitions that organises video game exhibitions like PAX, had acquired Gamer Network. [2] While Rupert Loman remained Gamer Network's chief executive officer, Maxwell became the company's managing director and a vice-president for ReedPOP's UK operations. [2] [8]

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