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Gardez (Pashto : ګردېز ولسوالۍ) is a district in Paktia Province, Afghanistan. [1] The center of the district which is also the capital of Paktia Province is Gardez.


Demographics & population

Like in the rest of Afghanistan, no exact population numbers are available. The Afghan Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation & Development (MRRD) along with UNHCR and Central Statistics Office (CSO) of Afghanistan estimated the population of the district to be around 86,609 (CSO 2004). [1] According to the same sources, Pashtuns make up 70% of the total population followed by 30% Tajiks.

Notable people

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Gardez City in Paktia Province, Afghanistan

Gardez is the capital of the Paktia Province of Afghanistan. The population of the city was estimated to be ca. 10,000 in the 1979 census and was estimated to be 70,000 in 2008. The majority of the city's native population is Tajik. But recently, with the migration of Pashtun tribes from different parts of Paktia to this city, Pashtuns have taken over the majority of the population of this city. The city of Gardez is located at the junction between two important roads that cut through a huge alpine valley. Surrounded by the mountains and deserts of the Hindu Kush, which boil up from the valley floor to the north, east and west, it is the axis of commerce for a huge area of eastern Afghanistan and has been a strategic location for armies throughout the country's long history of conflict. Observation posts built by Alexander the Great are still crumbling on the hilltops just outside the city limits. The city of Gardez has a population of 70,641. It has 13 districts and a total land area of 6,174 hectares (23.84 sq mi). The total number of dwellings in this city is 7,849.

Khost Province Province of Afghanistan

Khost is one of the 34 provinces of Afghanistan, located in the eastern part of the country. To the east, Khost Province is bordered by North Waziristan and Kurram in Pakistan. Khost Province used to be part of Paktia Province in the past, and the larger region surrounding Khost is still called Loya Paktia.

Paktia Province Province of Afghanistan

Paktia is one of the 34 provinces of Afghanistan, located in the east of the country. Forming part of the larger Loya Paktia region, Paktia Province is divided into 15 districts and has a population of roughly 623,000, which is mostly a tribal society living in rural areas. Pashtuns make up the majority of the population but smaller number of Tajiks are also found. Gardez is the provincial capital.

Paktika Province Province of Afghanistan

Paktika is one of the 34 provinces of Afghanistan, located in the eastern part of the country. Forming part of the larger Loya Paktia region, Paktika has a population of about 789,000, mostly ethnic Pashtuns. The town of Sharana serves as the provincial capital, while the most populous city is Urgun.

Day Mirdad District District in Wardak Province, Afghanistan

Day Mirdad is a district in the south of Wardak Province, Afghanistan. The capital of the district is Miran city. The district used to be known as Jilga.

Raz Mohammed Dalili was the former Governor of Paktia Province in Afghanistan from 2002 until 2004. His arrival as Governor in the capital Gardez was delayed as local militia leader, and previous governor, Pacha Khan Zadran refused to let him into the city of Dalili eventually successfully served for two years. He is an ethnic Pashtun.

Ghazni District

Ghazni District is a district of Ghazni Province, Afghanistan situated in the northeast part of the province. Capital of the district is Ghazni, which is also capital of Ghazni Province.

Bagrami District District in Kabul Province, Afghanistan

Bagrami District is located in the central part of Kabul Province in Afghanistan. It is approximately a 30-minute drive east from the capital city, Kabul. The district headquarters is the town of Bagrami.

Zurmat District District in Paktia, Afghanistan

Zurmat is a district in Paktia Province, Afghanistan. The main town is Zurmat, which is one of the main cities of the region of Loya Paktia.

Ahmad Aba District

Ahmad Aba District, also known as Ahmadabad District, is a district in Paktia Province, Afghanistan. It is located to the east of Gardez, the provincial capital of Paktia. Ahmad Aba District was created in 2005 within Said Karam District.

Khost-Gardez Pass

The Khost-Gardez Pass, frequently abbreviated as the K-G Pass, and known locally as the Seti-Kandow Pass, or the Satukandav Pass by Soviet forces, is the main land route connecting Khost, the capital of Khost Province, and Gardez, the capital of Paktia province, in eastern Afghanistan. The pass currently consists of a rutted dirt road, though it is slowly being improved by construction crews as part of the international reconstruction effort in Afghanistan.

Tsamkani District

Tsamkani, also Chamkani or Samkani, is a district in Paktia Province, Afghanistan. The main town is Tsamkani. The district is home to the Chamkani tribe of Pashtuns.

Zazi District

Zazi District, also called Jaji, Dzadzi or Aryob, is a district in Paktia Province, Afghanistan. The main town is Aryob. The district is within the heartland of the Zazi tribe of Pashtuns.

Janikhel District, Paktika

Janikhel is a district in Paktika Province, in eastern Afghanistan. It was created in 2004 out of a part of Khairkot District.

Said Karam District

Said Karam is a district in Paktia Province, Afghanistan. The main town in the district is Khandkhel. The district is within the heartland of the Muqbil tribe of Pashtuns. Villages in the Said Karam district are Khandkhel (خڼخیل), Khunderkhel, Goud Qala Mangal, Chino Klalai, Shaiyesta Kalay and Shaikhan Kalay (توتاخېل)

Loya Paktia

Lōya Paktiā is a historical and cultural region of Afghanistan, comprising the modern Afghan provinces of Khost, Paktia, and Paktika, as well as parts of Logar and parts of Kurram and Waziristan in Pakistan. Loya Paktia is vaguely defined by a common culture and history that is connected to the local indigenous tribes that reside in the region. Particular styles of clothing, articles of clothing, turban styles, turban cloth colors, dialects of Pashto language, etc. may sometimes be associated with specific tribes indigenous to Loya Paktia and thus integrate themselves into regional culture. For instance, a Pashtun tribesman from Loy Kandahar may quickly recognize a Pashtun from Loya Paktia based upon his turban style and color. Likewise, a Pashtun from Loya Paktia may recognize someone from Loy Kandahar based upon his unique style of collarless kameez (shirt) with specific embroidered patterns on the front. There are many subtle and intricate cultural indicators of this type that are not recorded in any known written history but simply known and observed by the tribesmen of the various Pashtun regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Janikhel District, Paktia

Janikhel is a district in Paktia Province, Afghanistan. It is on the border with Khost Province, and is mostly inhabited by the Wazir and Mangal tribes of Pashtuns.

Bala Deh Village in Paktia Province, Afghanistan

Bala Deh is a large village in Gardez District, Paktia Province, in eastern Afghanistan. The village lies roughly 50 kilometres north of Gardez and 12-15 kilometres east of Pul-i-Alam. It is connected to Pul-i-Alam by a dirt road and then the main road leads down from Pul-i Alam to Gardez.

Zurmat Place in Paktia Province, Afghanistan

Zurmat is the main town of Zurmat District in Paktia Province, Afghanistan. Zurmat is the largest city of Paktia Province, while Zurmat District, with a population of 109,805, is also the most populous district of the province.

On 17 October 2017, insurgents attacked Gardez, Paktia Province and Ghazni Province in Afghanistan.


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