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Gary Bullock (July 19, 1941 – April 11, 2022) was an American actor and author.



Bullock appeared in such films as RoboCop 2 , Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me , RoboCop 3 , Species and Racing Stripes and appeared on such television series as In the Heat of the Night , Roseanne , NYPD Blue , Star Trek: Voyager , The X-Files and Star Trek: Enterprise . He was married to actress Mil Nicholson and wrote a romantic science-fiction novel titled Elsewhen. [1]

Personal life

Bullock died on April 11, 2022, at the age of 80. [2]



1989 Winter People Mr. McGregor
1989 Chattahoochee Sadistic Attendant
1990 The Handmaid's Tale Officer on Bus
1990 RoboCop 2 Hack Doctor
1991 Paris Trout Buster Devonne
1992 Love Crimes Joey
1992 Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me Sheriff Cable
1993 RoboCop 3 Gas Station Clerk
1994 Clean Slate Bailiff
1994 Blue Sky Doctor Vankay
1994 Terminal Velocity Lex
1995 Species Motel Clerk
1995 Rage Dr. Andrews
1996 Tiger Heart Brad's Father
1998 Sweet Jane Figure
1998 Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror Farmer
1999 Children of the Corn 666: Isaac's Return Zachariah
2001 My First Mister Mr. Smithman
2001 Bubble Boy Perris Sheriff
2002 Wishcraft Homeless Man
2003 Holes Prospector
2003 The Kiss Donald Kellermen
2005 Racing Stripes John Cooper
2005 The Curse of El Charro Prugatory Bartender
2014 Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces Sheriff Cable


1989 In the Heat of the Night Man #1Episode: "Stranger in Town"
1989 Desperate for Love MacTelevision film
1991In the Line of Duty: Manhunt in the DakotasJury Foreman
1992 Roseanne Ghost of Hallowe'en FutureEpisode: "Halloween IV"
1993 NYPD Blue Frank ArcherEpisode: "True Confessions"
1994 Roswell EavesdropperTelevision film
1995 Sisters Grim Reaper Episode: "Angel of Death"
1995, 1996 The Jeff Foxworthy Show Hearse driver2 episodes
1996 Weird Science Abraham Lincoln Episode: "Community Property"
1997 Men Behaving Badly Man in Waiting Room / Freak2 episodes
1997 Star Trek: Voyager GothEpisode: "Rise"
1997 Murder, She Wrote: South by Southwest PhippsTelevision film
1997, 1998 Teen Angel Abraham Lincoln2 episodes
1998 Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction Butler
1998 Ally McBeal Judge Kenneth SteeleEpisode: "Forbidden Fruits"
1998 Poodle Springs L.A. CaptainTelevision film
1999 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Shrouded ManEpisode: "Enemies"
1999 Providence Harold DillerEpisode: "Family Tree"
2000 The X-Files Tall GeorgeEpisode: "Patience"
2002, 2003 Sabrina the Teenage Witch Abraham Lincoln2 episodes
2003 Star Trek: Enterprise Klingon Council MemberEpisode: "The Expanse"
2005 The Shield HusbandEpisode: "Tar Baby"
2017 The Exorcist Agent #2Episode: "Ritual & Repetition"

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Philip Martin Rubenstein was an American film and television actor. He was known for playing the role of Frank Falzone in the American sitcom television series Working Stiffs.


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