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Location Grimsel, Bernese Oberland
Coordinates 46°36′58″N8°19′56″E / 46.61611°N 8.33222°E / 46.61611; 8.33222 Coordinates: 46°36′58″N8°19′56″E / 46.61611°N 8.33222°E / 46.61611; 8.33222
Type reservoir
Catchment area 16.0 km2 (6.2 sq mi)
Basin  countriesSwitzerland
Surface area0.645 km2 (0.249 sq mi)
Max. depth48 m (157 ft)
Water volume13 million cubic metres (11,000 acre⋅ft)
Surface elevation1,850 m (6,070 ft)

Gelmersee (or Lake Gelmer) is a reservoir in Bernese Oberland, Switzerland. The hydroelectric reservoir was completed in 1932, at about the same time as the Grimselsee reservoir, and both are operated by Kraftwerke Oberhasli. The reservoir's volume is 13 million m³ and its surface area 64.5 ha (159 acres).

The reservoir may be reached by the Gelmerbahn from Handegg, Guttannen at 1,412 m. The funicular's track with a length of 1,028 m has a maximum inclination of 106%.

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Kraftwerke Oberhasli

Kraftwerke Oberhasli AG (KWO) is a Swiss energy supply company, based in Innertkirchen and operating several hydroelectric plants in the Oberhasli area of the Canton of Berne. It also operates a number of tourist attractions in the same area, mostly with some relationship to its energy supply business. It uses the brands Grimselstrom and Grimselwelt, the latter specifically for its tourism ventures. Both brands are named after the Grimsel Pass that forms the upper end of its operating area.

Handegg (Handeck) is a village in the municipality of Guttannen, Switzerland, near the lake Gelmersee. The lake may be reached by Gelmerbahn from Handegg.

Linth–Limmern Power Stations Dam in Linthal, Glarus Süd

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