Genevieve Townsend

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Genevieve Townsend
BornDecember 4, 1897
DiedMay 1, 1927(1927-05-01) (aged 29)
Other namesGenevieve Schmich
Occupation Film actor
stage actor
Years active 1925 - 1927

Genevieve Townsend (December 4, 1897 – May 1, 1927) was an American stage and film actress. [1] She was born in the United States, but later moved to Britain. In the mid-1920s she had several lead roles in British silent films. She died in Switzerland at the age of 29 in 1927.


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The Chinese Bungalow is a 1926 British silent drama film directed by Sinclair Hill, and starring Matheson Lang, Genevieve Townsend and Juliette Compton. It was based on the 1925 play The Chinese Bungalow, which was adapted for further films in 1930 and 1940. It was made by Stoll Pictures, whose principal star throughout the mid-1920s was Lang.

A Girl of London is a 1925 British silent [[drama film directed by Henry Edwards and starring Genevieve Townsend, Ian Hunter and Nora Swinburne. Its plot concerns the son of a member of parliament, who is disowned by his father when he marries a girl who works in a factory. Meanwhile, he tries to rescue his new wife from her stepfather who operates a drugs den. It was based on a novel by Douglas Walshe.

The Wonderful Wooing is a 1926 British silent drama film directed by Geoffrey Malins and starring Marjorie Hume, G.H. Mulcaster and Genevieve Townsend. It was based on the 1925 novel The Wonderful Wooing by Douglas Walshe. The screenplay concerns a poor man who falls in love with a much richer woman who is already engaged.

The Secret Kingdom is a 1925 British silent fantasy and science fiction film directed by Sinclair Hill and starring Matheson Lang, Stella Arbenina and Eric Bransby Williams. It is an adaptation of the novel The Hidden Fire by Bertram Atkey. The screenplay concerns a wealthy man who acquires a mind-reading machine but is soon horrified to discover what people are really thinking. It was shot at Cricklewood Studios in London.

The Qualified Adventurer is a 1925 British silent adventure film directed by Sinclair Hill and starring Matheson Lang, Genevieve Townsend and Fred Raynham. It was based on the 1922 novel The Qualified Adventurer by Selwyn Jepson.

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